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  1. sTress

    On my travels

    "pub" is short for "publicité" wich means "advertisement" in french. And those vandalised billboards are the result of a collective spontaneous action that aimed to destroy all the ads in all the metro stations of Paris.
  2. sTress

    On my travels

    http://paris.indymedia.org/IMG/jpg/doc-6999.jpg'> a stolen kiss in the metro, beautiful
  3. On point. I believe that kaws work, if you want look it from the art world, is really the language of graffiti. If your work is a candidate to artdom (?), then it's read in terms of semiotics unavoidably, and especially when its illustration or drawing, which are so close to scripture. And when I see kaws, i first see graffiti and what it implies: subversion, fashion, popculture. But what i would like to add , is that today you cannot make a serious distinction between highart and lowart. Ok, kaws is not (yet?) part of the biennals and international art scene, he seems more in the mix of art/design/fashion. Its obviously difficult today to distinct hierarchies in culture, everything is at the same time marginal AND mainstream, its the case for contemporary art. Im also very concerned with graffiti, because most of the mixes with graff and "serious" art have been merely pop-art ghosts: a displacement of graffiti semiotics in an art context, and we have had too much "displacements" its boring now. I said it before, but the most artisticaly-valid move that has been made yet i think is KR selling Krink. do i make sense?,i would have more things to say but i think diggity already said it well.
  4. !!! "just cause duchamps work became famous doesnt mean hes good, it just means a million people are stupid and lame as fuck." this sentence itself is a great piece of art in my opinion.
  5. also, i think that KR did the best in graff merchandising because selling an indelible ink with your name is great, its like Yves Klein and the YKB, its like "meta-graffiti"
  6. there is nothing scandalous, an artist selling a limited edition toy derived from his work is pretty normal and boring, whats more interesting is that he made a website with his tag as the domain name especially to sell his stuff and theres zero graffiti or street art...
  7. yo man they showed my tag on tv this morning
  8. paris Colette 213, rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris, France ubertrendy, art magazines, haute couture, expensive stuff, rare unusefull objects, graffiti merchandising, toys... Palais de Tokyo, 13 avenue du président Wilson, 75116, Paris, France: quality contemporary art exhibitions, and in the store, catalogues or magazines, limited editions items from André, Zevs, etc...
  9. sTress


    http://www.leseditionsdeminuit.fr/images/photos/deleuze.gif'> in the Gilles Deleuze thread we can discuss about topics like the image-time, Bergson or the books he wrote and why he is important today; im not sure how to begin but it can become interesting...
  10. sTress

    french hiphop?

    i only listen to LUNATIC because it is the raw. and also MC Jean Gab'1!
  11. http://shango.ifrance.com/shango/articles/logo%20groupes/cd_CMP1.gif'> http://www.marinepool.de/im_h/groove.jpg'> http://www.marinepool.de/im_h/honneur.jpg'> yoooooo!
  12. dont go too much on downtown ste-catherine, its cheap and made for american tourists it can get interesting to the west and the east parts. take st-laurent from downtown to mile end, branch out, old montreal, outremont, place des arts, avenue du parc, go see the museum of contemporary art, theres galleries hidden in ste catherine buildings (near SAM)
  13. I would say that a piece has not much to do with art, its more graphic design. On the contrary, bombing is much more art (i.e. performance art, land art, relational aesthetics...the act of graffiti/vandalism is a very rich subject and a lot can be written about all that it implies).
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