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  1. http://www.milfhunter.com
  2. like a fat boy playin dodgeball...im out!
  3. is this thing still going....or did it flop like i thought it would.....
  4. anyone got any good ideas...so far ou class has only thought of putting dead fish in the ceiling tiles and supergluing a dildo to the school statue....
  5. post some action shots...or a link to a site that has some ...thanx
  6. i was thinking about this the other night around 12:30 while eating a bowl of cinimon toast crunch when i realized how much i love this stuff...and then thought about how often i eat it...i probably average about 3 bowls a day...one in the morning, one after basketball practise and one late at night before i hit the sack...whats your favorite?? i dont think any compare to the cinimon sugar goodness of cinimon toast crunch
  7. i got this thing for christmas and it is possibly the best gift i got...they are calling it the rubix cube for the millenium...i recomend it for all you brainiacs out there...this thing will ocupy/challenge you for hours. http://store5.yimg.com/I/dmart_1668_12230624'>
  8. well its been 8 days since the January 1st(when the book should have been purchased)...and since you are only allowed 5 days max...that means that at least one page should be complete by now and sent or on its way to the next person...or has the book not even ben purchased yet...Dee38 please keep us informed on how it is coming along
  9. maybe this will go somewhere....if you have an insane dare for someone psot it here and then you can choose if you wana show someone up by doing the dare and then posting a picture of it on this thread....let the chaos begin
  10. comp ive been feelin your stuff ever since you first cam onto this board and ive noticed much improvement also...you wouldn;t mind postin more of your recent stuff would ...if you dont then please do
  11. ITS A FESTIVUS FOR THE RESTOF US!!!true true:crazy:
  12. NOWEone

    wealthy mind..

    well put...im lovin that saber
  13. so im strait right...cuz io put my addy on the list...or do i still need to send it to you rage?
  14. yo the person in front of me(dr.Dazzle) didn't leave his email adress..what should i do...send my address to the person in front of him or what
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