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  1. wow i really dont know what to say about that revok, wow.
  2. epic


    rip in peace brotha, you will be greatly missed much love.
  3. who the fuck are you and what does it mean when you say "not on his own obviously" are you saying i dont do my own outlines or some shit, i hate kids like this on the internet that hide behind some fake screename and come into threads talkin shit on everyone, get a life.
  4. rip, your work was seen by all and loved by many.
  5. epic


    who the fuck is that chompin on childs shit ya u know witch one.
  6. haha yo mr.wok i was at six flags and i spotted one of your handstyles, it made me giggle.
  7. all im saying is once in a whle he could fuck with the letters.
  8. i dont know about biter but those letters pretty much all look the same.
  9. ok is that also why those little tree stems are bigger than that person?
  10. not to piss on your parade but you obviusly fucked with that flick unless you are a midget because ive never seen a set of railroad tracks that are that size compared to a person.
  11. ok this is gonna be the last thing i say cause this shit is goin to far. stop talking shit about me or my "attitude" you dont know me as a person nor do you know me as a writer, and all i know about you is that you came to a wall when a was painting and started running your mouth at me and trying to fight me cause i went over one of your pieces thats why i automaticly look at you as some asshole fuck who cant paint so he tries to beat up younger kids who are just doing thier thing.i have nothing to prove to you nor do i ever try to come off as a toughguy thats why i asked you if you wanted to battle not fight.i have much better things to do than to go out and try to line your shit because that would be wasting my time.i dont write to start beef i write to send out a message so to you and all the people that dont know me and decide to talk shit about me FUCK YOU AND GET THE FUCK OFF THE DICK, peace. EPYKONESKAEVLK! ------------------
  12. hahahahahaha fuck you, if your saying you wanna battle im all for it bombing or piecing let me know, and use if that thing about montanas was directed towards me than i would like to let you know that i havent used anything but krylon or rusto in the last 2 months so chill out. [This message has been edited by epic (edited 07-06-2001).]
  13. ok tough guy, and even if he did have beef what the fuck where u gonna do beat up a 13 year old kid, who has more ups than u? ya thats what i thought, peace.
  14. chillout toughguy stop complaining and go get a fucking life, you try to catch beef w/kids for goin over your tags or labels, thats some of the lamest shit ive ever heard. p.s. hahaha tower at harvard square, what a high profile spot.
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