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  1. mero you fucking suck bitch. remember back in like 2000 i'd always be asking you to post pics. you'd never do it cuz your fucking toy bitch! seems to me that all these other new yorkers say your a toy asss bitch...just like what i used to call you you punk ass faggot! hahahahahahaahahahah.. whatever i always knew you were toy. garth vader
  2. Edmonton, Hobbema, Toronto, Nanaimo
  3. maybe she used to be fat too. that's why you didn't recognise her.
  4. hey mero, if you paint so much, post some flicks
  5. in vancouver go to a bar called the dufferin. i hear there's hot chicks that go there.
  6. ok i just tried it again i got 2090
  7. 1710. first try too.
  8. yeah, them pirates were always throwing their boots on the telephone and power lines:rolleyes:
  9. sometimes people jump other people and instead of jacking their shitty shoes they "wire" them
  10. http://pyrrha.org/pulp/char/butchbanner.jpg'>
  11. i read the book, it was weird
  12. micro machines california raisons ghost busters you know those barbarian swords and shields they always had at the toy store. those were dope. gijoe ninja turtles army ants star wars marbles fire
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