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  1. i drive a lot. a real lot. like 28,000 miles this year on the whip. there's something nice about blasting around on the highways - biways when traffic is nil and there's good music to be spun. i was able to mingle with an m3 and do some nice highway pulls while the state police weren't looking. hollertronic.
  2. europe may know. as odd as it sounds he's very knowledgable on american affairs, past and present.
  3. i'm not mature enough to go to school and not get swamped up in all the women/craziness. especially knowing what i know now...
  4. don't get me wrong, that's exactly what i was thinking last thursday but it didn't really pan out...
  5. bdays are for drinking lots of shots and having dirty sex with women.
  6. dirty, there's a transvestite in the corner winking at you, why don't you got take care of him... thanks DL, i'll be at as many shows as i can in my area.
  7. damned near feet of snow up in this mothertrucker. i should be in bed with a little lady i know snuggling bossom and shit! someone throw me a life preserver. i'm hungover, tired and it's shit outside...
  8. mad johnnies up in here jades. you go girl, chin up.
  9. meatballs are good even when cold.
  10. wow, so many nasty shitting/sex stories...
  11. fr8oholic

    DNA stories

    HOLLER. just saw this. i had a primo AIM conversation get nixed when the site got reloaded. it's probably better left unheard.
  12. old cellphones working great for heinekens.
  13. HHAAHAHAHAHAAHH!! -girl handstyle!!!!!!!!!!!!! is that matokie slaughter girl handstyle or like tribe girl handstyle?
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