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Everything posted by fr8oholic

  1. a friend of mine works as a porsche mechanic. he's got a badass '78 911 turbo that's fucking rad. i'm totally saving for one.
  2. http://www.turbosquid.com/Previews/Content_on_7_19_2002_02_19_12%5Cpaperclip.jpg0C87622E-F2B3-4478-AAF196503DFA3D57.jpgLarge.jpg'> i'm white but i photograph like a paperclip lately. must be my caloric intake... blue or brown, plaid, 4, spongebob's aight, burritos
  3. fr8oholic

    Art School

    where do you live? state or region is fine, you don't have to pinpoint your city if you don't want to.
  4. is this the nuclear winter we'll all be living in when the US gets nuked?
  5. fr8oholic

    Cold Hands...

    right between her thighs is where i'd put my axes when i got home and she was sleeping. why is it that naked girls in a bed by themselves are like a furnace under the covers??
  7. wow, a girl who looked at the camera for her pic on makeout club... what's the world coming to?
  8. hahahahah... papa freighthound rocking the the left handed stance. fish and chips hombre, gotta do that again soon.
  9. why don't you just eat her out for a month, give her foot and back rubs daily and smell good all the time?
  10. fr8oholic

    The Nifty thread

    shit load of wholecars.. yeah, that's played.
  11. damn boogey, i got a heap of the same fuckers in my possesion too..
  12. newa's fucking hilarious.
  13. i wasn't able to get over 140mph last night. the vagina carrot's prolly to blame.
  14. you're right. i should've written a post about how my girlfriend had sex with the varsity football team and hates my haircut.
  15. i don't think i'd have it any other way...
  16. hot hot heat / bandages hopesfall / decoys like curves tears for fears / pale shelter at the drive in / hourglass my chemical romance / honey, this mirror isn't big enough... slayer / reigning blood toto / africa all systems go! / vodka sonic blanks 77 / chelsea girls turbonegro / the age of pampirius rasputina / the remnants of percy bass motorhead / ace of spades my chemical romance / early suns... my chemical romance / skylines a... built to spill / (whole album) ultimate alternative wavers
  17. shit's fun. i usually stick to the highways for the most part. i'm very familiar with speed traps in my vicinity so there's only the chance of flying past a cruiser or dipping when one's within eyesight.
  18. if my friend has a girl and she's into me hitting on her and trying to fuck her. his attitude is that i'm much more of a friend to him if i fuck her and show him that she's no good for him. it may take a special motherfucker to look at things thru those kinds of glasses and i'm still not sure if i completely agree with that in those terms but the message it implies is something i can understand.
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