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Everything posted by fr8oholic

  1. fr8oholic


    MT reunion needs to happen.
  2. word, i do need that head rubbed. as long as suki's not some fool perping to be a chick when they're a guy, i'm all for it. women have the softest lips.
  3. fuckin joe millionaire's up in this mother.
  4. i have a constant 3:30 shadow
  5. fuck i was really, really drunk the other night. holler.
  6. nope pistol, can't help a brother. couldn't do it even if i wanted to the way shit's set up. there is another mod 'sides europe though.
  7. i never shave well. it takes far to long to get a good clean shave these days. mach 3 sucks shit and i'm more prone to an electric facial skin eater than traditional methods.
  8. another turn for the better in a shameful dread at 5 mins 10 seconds.
  9. fr8oholic


    wha?? sick balls chopper, sick balls...
  10. baaaddAAA-BOOOM!! http://www.brassknuckles.tv/images/index_r2_c1.jpg'> good call tesser.
  11. BOOM!! http://www.brassknuckles.tv/images/index_r2_c1.jpg'>
  12. where's the other new mod? he flexing his kabobs yet either?
  13. at precisely 1 min and 5 seconds the song shameful dread takes a turn for some good shit. i want to hear this shit when i walk like fools in movies...
  14. i bet you it doesn't go til someone gets some stickers. HOLLER!
  15. damn man, at a tender 8, that's fucked.
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