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  1. Ham One

    the 12oz postcard project

    i haven't posted in like 2 years.... can I be down too? can I pleeeeease?
  2. So I got myself a greyhound ameripass I'm going to be on the road for 45 days I'm going alone although I'm going to stay with friends some of the time What should I bring in order to survive? weapons/gear/boggle/etc... love... $$$money bags$$$
  3. Ham One

    Bovine Vandalism

    cows When I hit cows, I hit it from behind. The photomat won't develop my pics though, fuckin player haters....
  4. Ham One


    some fuck head in the corner's getting to me talkin bout the way i look and smell i guess he doesn't know that i'm the outlaw scumfuck someone ought to warn him before i knock him straight to hell because everybody knows that i'm a scumbag i like sluts and whores and i don't care you can say just what you want to say about me but i hear you i just might go knock you off your chair i like to drink whiskey by the gallon i live on peanut butter sandwiches i don't care i spent some nights in jail in this whole country everybody hates me and i just don't care cause everybody knows that i'm a scumbag -GG Allin outlaw scumfuck RIP
  5. Ham One

    slept on writers in the Bay Area

    Kose Kose is actually on the cover of graffito I think....
  6. Ham One

    shine/pen - new york?

    Is this Pen 15, from california? I've been seeing rip pen 15 tags all over the place, and I was wondering if he's still around...
  7. Ham One

    Free Masons Explinations?

    david icke So who here's heard of David Icke? I've never read his books, but while a friend of mine was smoking lots of twack he'd go off for hours about dracos and mollocks and all of that....
  8. Ham One

    Free Masons Explinations?

    i'm high on pills... war is peace
  9. Ham One

    is Pen 15 stil alive?

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know if Pen 15 is dead? Sorry to ask but I've been seeing some one hitting up RIP pen 15s around his old town. Hopefully this is only a joke, but I've lost contact with him and I was a bit concerned.
  10. Ham One

    Gay writers?

    I think I've got at least one gay kid in my crew, and a couple bi girls. But we're all junkies anyways, so we're prone to weird shit.
  11. Ham One

    Required Reading

    Re: Re: steal this book Not exactly, it might be kept behind the counter or something but they will still carry it. What about spraypaint, how much of it is actually sold not stolen? They stll carry paint. Book store's everywhere carried steal this book, despite the fact that it was always stolen. hamadelic
  12. Ham One

    Required Reading

    steal this book Well, actually you're wrong. The publisher doesn't front the bookstore the copies, the bookstore buys it from them. Just like stealing spraypaint, if what you said was true then all the spray paint companies would be out of business, but they still make money, it's just the store that is fucked. When people say you shouldn't steal something as opposed to something else they are being pricks, that would be like only tagging certain buildings because you do not like them. Like if only tagged on shoe stores because I got beat up in front of one, one time. But I tag everything indiscriminately, as it should be with everything...... hamaramadingalingadong....
  13. Ham One


    you can get a half 1/8 for 25....
  14. Ham One

    black and white photos

    <<vancouver has tight alleys>> your mom... ahh never mind... hamski
  15. Ham One


    This is true, when you look at a graffiti magazine, you do see the same shit. But when you watch MTV you see the same stupid shit over and over again too. This doesn't mean that there are no talented unique mucians out there, they just aren't in the public eye so much. Graffiti magazines are neat and all, but they show the same style over and over again, they show pop graffiti. This makes many kids write pop graffiti, because thats all they see, it's up to you and everyone else to trancend all of this, but oh well, I'm a toy anyways... hamski the horrible
  16. Ham One

    boston is the rippenest town..

    When I was there in June the best shit I saw was some hollows by the airport, and some fellow named Jive. I liked Jive a lot. Although when I was in Rhode Island I managed to trade a picture I drew of a lobster for a wutang hoodie to some little punk girl. -hamski