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  1. Nice, Epson, Ohno, Musik ,Oxeet....
  2. nice catches Who is that fr8 ??above celph thats baddass
  3. hell yea philadelphia experiment USS eldridge ono is blazin
  4. Super badass thread nice photography
  5. Whats up with that show Laura en america?? .She alway's has a bunch of whack out indians?? on
  6. DAMN , that SEBO piece is just baddass
  7. Seeing those NACE fr8's make me miss him even though i didnt know him ... Pen is underated those str8 letters are on point
  8. I agree she does look off there I like the 2nd pic of her face there jus flawless . But i guess age and running over mexican boys in LA has caught up to her.. Anyone else think she would look fucking better with an full C ??
  9. i never knew they made turbo kits for that car crazy turbonetics comes with the t3 turbo the only bad thing bout turbo is that it requires funds ... engine swap for an intergra jdm b 18 c5 or how bout an h22a ?
  10. Scientology is far from being an christain thing you should read more about the creaters and thier links to BLACK MAGICAINS such as ALIESTER CROWLEY and JACK PARSONS
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