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  1. I work with a bunch of 5 foot ,300 pound mexican women who can suck the chrome off a trailer-hitch. I am in hell 40 hours a week.
  2. it's about 65 degrees and sunny here. fuck a job.
  3. yeah- there's a 'more' in texas thats much better.
  4. dBUSH

    EWOK hm

    Wow- this thread is dumb. First, the flicks posted don't work. Then everyone wants to dribble on about who won the battle. Last time I checked both writers kept their name, and this was a thread for ewok.HM. :rolleyes:
  5. Two years ago I had an internship at a Medical School/Hospital. I worked with the Biomedical Communications Department which is a fancy title for medical photography. I spent most of the time in the different darkrooms or duplicating slides. There would be lots of post breast augmentation surgery photos from the cosmetic surgery department. Sometimes there would be breast reduction surgery were they would reduce one boobie and take a picture and then do the other one. There would also be many slides from the school for would-be medical investigators covering all kinds of unatural deaths including suicides, decapitations, drownings, car crashes, gun shots- ect. I used to have 2 slides in my wallet. One was on the most amazing pair of fake boobies I had ever seen, and another was of the remains of a guy's head after he but a large calibur firearm under his ear. One day I was allowed to follow the O.R. photographer around for a few hours. There were actually 25 operating rooms in one place were surgeries ranged from orthopedic surgery to neurosurgery. I watched doctors stick a small camera and a 'scraper' in a guy's knee and play his cartilage like a video game on a monitor. I also saw a diabetic woman get her gangrenous toes removed- that shit still makes me queasy.
  6. I agree with your disagreement.
  7. omar forever bringing the toughest flicks- that pacman piece is rad. the tyke trains- so nice. keep on posting...
  8. Last night my roomate and I were walking back from a party and way up ahead we saw a bunch of cop cars. We thought it was a bust of something cause there weren't any firetrucks or ambulances. We got closer and saw that someone had driven their blazer into the front door of a church. The funny thing was, the road we were walking on was uphill and the front door of this church sunk into the hill about 8 steps so this fool drove down a fucking staircase into the doors. We walked past the whole thing wondering why EMS wasn't there and then we saw the driver chilling out in the back of one of th squad cars yelling "WOOO HEEEY!! C'MMERE!! WWOOOOOOO!!"
  9. dBUSH


    damn- I thought that shit was fake at first. must've hurt like a bitch.
  10. uh- that one guy from weekend at bernies. the spanish guy- not the white guy. I had forgotten to call him a cab.
  11. cheating in high school is like punching someone in the dark. I don't cheat as often as I used to- nowadays I find it much more worth my time to study anyways.
  12. that was a good interview. what's up with y'all fashion concious mofo's eating ramen though? My shit is like the exact opposite- I'm eating steak dinners rocking dickies.
  13. holy crap I knew this was gonna be the funniest thing I'd ever see before the picture came up.:lol:
  14. It's funny because when they play a song fifty times on the radio it only makes me NOT want to buy that album because I've already heard the fucking thing enough to be sick of it! I generally buy music I've heard very little of, or only heard about- if I could afford to walk into a music store and drop a couple hundred dollars on albums then I might pick up something catchy I heard on the radio, just for grins. Until then, I will wait until I find it used or in the super-savers section.
  15. I'm gonna keep my full-time job while taking at least 9 hours a semester year-round until I graduate. After that I'd like to land a job at a newspaper or maybe bartend until I pay off my student loans. That or drop out of school, use my financial aid to skip the country and paint trains in europe until I finally grow up.
  16. yeah I cook, but for other peoples girlfriends.:confused:
  17. dBUSH

    gettin high

    that Ozie bridge is fucking wild. does anyone know if it's still running- or how long it ran??
  18. I hear immortality isn't all it's cracked up to be anyways.
  19. man. tats are something serious. I think to start I would get my initials on my left pec in some tough old english letters.
  20. yeah I ride the fuggin bus. haven't had a car in three years. I live 4 miles from my job but it takes at least 30-40 minutes to get home cause the damn thing has to go through downtown.
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