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Everything posted by dBUSH

  1. dBUSH


    Iron Chef is outstanding television.
  2. If lawnmowers go too fast you can't cut the grass right. :rolleyes:
  3. rob mr. moneybags and take your girl out with the proceeds
  4. that 'usually late' shit ain't no joke!! I've never known a girl that didn't take two hours to get ready for anything.
  5. that clean train is fresh. the rest look my left handed little sister's retarded friend's style fo' show... thanks for playing.
  6. dBUSH


    silvers are the sheeeyit. awesome post.
  7. I was thinking the same thing skip.
  8. fuck regret. here, let me clarify. It's not that I have never made humongous mistakes in my life- but if I had not made them, I would never be able to learn from them.
  9. that shit usually happens when Im stressing hard. I usually turn on my TV to drown out all noises and go to sleep like that. About 3 hours later I'll wake up almost unconciously, turn the TV off and snooze.
  10. dBUSH


    Go bombing until your arms fall off every night for a month.
  11. Security jobs are tight- but fuck a buncha graveyard bullshit- shit is mad boring.
  12. dBUSH


    yes. take another drug to solve your problems.
  13. dBUSH


    quit drinking so goddamn much... alcohol is a depressant.
  14. yeah- the vizster is hottness- who did that green piece? what about the one with the 'dang'?
  15. hehehehe... I saw that shit before. the porn was gross but the handstyles were *bling!*
  16. yes more info please... I heard it was gonna be on PBS but for 4 consecutive thursdays. can someone clear this up please???
  17. 'the ghetto' is a place where I don't mind being from because suckers think you're a thug with thuggish tendencies- but for me, being 'straight out the ghetto' means not going back. I've been to my hometown maybe 7 times in the past 3 years and it's only 3 hours away. When I do go back I don't go see the 'crew' because all my ex-girlfriends have been knocked up twice by my unemployed ex-homeboys who still live at 'they momma's house' at the age of 24. I go back to visit my families and to paint my old spots... it is kinda cool that almost any corner store can be a legal wall. I do have friends that I visit with, but they are doing things besides selling drugs and betting on NFL Blitz or Madden Allstars. I have worked almost too hard to get where I am right now and when I'm done my kids will have a lot easier problems than being hungry and cold and stupid.
  18. wassup sluts... I'ma asshole!
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