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  1. this hangover gets 3 stars.;)
  2. I'm all about the bloody mary's. I've had menudo once before- I'm really not diggin the tripe. Apparently I'm going drinking again tonight- I'm hip.:dazed:
  3. I was drinking pretty heavily last night (famous last words) and I was drunk but I've definately been drunker. I woke up this morning around 10 expecting to be ready and rearing to go when I realized I was very very drunk. I slept another hour, woke up, still trashed. I couldn't go back to sleep beause I had shit to do. As the day progressed my buzz left and has since been replaced by a hangover. I've woken up with hangovers but I've never developed one while I was concious. Weird shit- I thought I'd share.
  4. I have a cell phone. I've even walked down the street while talking into it. I use it to make long distance phone calls. I use it to call a cab when I miss the bus. I don't use my cell when I can use a regular phone. If I call someone on their cellphone and they are driving I will refuse to talk to them. If I can afford the monthly bill- I'm important enough.
  6. not 'rediculous philosophy' so much as prejudice. we are all mortal beings- despite how ugly, selfless, afgani, evil, capitalistic, stupid, nearsighted, criminal-minded, benevolent...
  7. For some reasons I've heard all about the misfortunes of a guy I was never cool with- a friend of a friend. This dude hustled shit constantly and never struck me as a smart guy. A couple of years ago he was shot in the spine and ended up in a wheelchair. Later on I heard the dude was put in jail for selling X off his fucking chair at raves. About 3 months ago the dude gets killed. A friend of a friend. The friend of mine may feel bad- I don't. I think the passing of another human being should be treated with the same respect or at least acknowledgement as we attributed to them when that person was alive. I sympathized with my friend because she had lost a friend- I may have never been cool with the dude- and he could've been a dumbfuck deserving all he had coming, but nevertheless he was a friend to my friend and that deserves some recognition however miniscule. I also do not feel any more sympathy for an american soldier than for an afghani soldier. They are fighting and that shit can get you killed. I'd hope that when a writer dies, other writers who sympathize do so because despite politics, we have something in common with the deceased- and we feel it is something worth acknowledgement. It seems impossible to generalize experiences with death. Anytime anyone dies, the circumstances concerning how it affects us is different each time because no one can die twice. To speculate how we would feel about a certain person dying, hypothetical or an actual person, is disrespectful to the living.
  8. (<cro-magnon.) ooga booga mungafunga.
  9. mem'ries alva deck with the independant trucks and hosoi wheels.
  10. you keep doin' what you do an I'ma keep doin' what I do too.
  11. so um... do you keep stuff like snacks and money in your hair?
  12. nice. the bus is nice, but only because its on a bus. I like the last 4 pictures especially.
  13. fuck the internet! Subscribe to real life! It's so much more interesting! I'm all over the place today- maybe someone should sell me some mushrooms so I can drop this overdue thought-baby on the world. Once I convinced myself I didn't need to speak ever again because anything I could ever say would be of absolutely no consequence to the world- but I was 16 living in the loudmouth mecca of the universe, it didn't last long. Now I sit in class at a university established in 18-something listening to a guy telling me that not only have people thought the same things as myself a couple hundred years ago, but they wrote a book on that shit too! There may be nothing new under the sun but all that I haven't experienced is new to me, so who is to say I shouldn't be intrigued? You? Fuck off you old fogey before I beat you with your cane. I wouldn't care if I never posted this.
  14. Just as I was thinking, "Is there anything new under the sun," my ex-girlfriend calls. I was about to start a thread on some deep philosophical shit and the bitch just answered my question.
  15. yeah I think your just making excuses- the whole Karma for bombing would only seem right if you had a guilty conscience for getting up.
  16. if tue didn't suck, how would you know this site was cool?:idea:
  17. true. No bones about it, you're a commanding Pit Bull with a bite as big as your bark. Just make sure to keep your scowl and growl in check so people can get close enough to notice and appreciate your positive side.
  18. I'll just do my own graffiti- I can't afford anyone else's.
  19. I can write messages in piss.
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