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  1. someone post some darious jones
  2. juliousjammajamma you guys shoulda sported a sean jean hat, or maybe a j-lo headband. keep that in mind for next time.
  3. kagyu even cops can have opinions
  4. de jesus is a pedder ass Richard Pryor is the only real god! ......oh and fuck america, i saw man whores posted up in front of this American flag tonight. it doesn't get any better.
  5. juliousjammajamma different and i like it
  6. yessir, thats the first time i've seen anyone paint those new cars
  7. :king: bump because you should be at the top of the new board:king:
  8. thats not a very nice thing to say...i'd like to see you get up on some people like that, i mean thats groundbreaking. the european goal has changed the way i look at graffit forever. no more nandy pandy trains, or highway spots. i'm strictly painting people in my basement.
  9. i always thought goal from staten island was better. but now i see the european goal is such a "big thinker". i mean once you have a gallery show with people as canvas's that pretty much tops going all city in new york.
  10. yeah its wack. no no i mean its fresh, hot to def yo! uh go USA #1. uh uh i love propaganda.
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