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  1. hey frateraper you say you dont post alot...i havent been on since september!!! bet yall dont even remember me dots ?/ resk (some badass flares on the hand)
  2. well guys after a long hiatus i have returned....i bet you bastards didnt even realize i was gone. ill take a guess that since i left the topic of krink and glass etcher has came up another 46578383 times. glad to be back
  3. picked it up bout 6 months back using www.bibliofind.com payed $12 i think. definetly a good read.
  4. Stone Temple Pilots last year.....wildest show ever was Gwar/Icp like 3 halloweens ago. sucked musically but it was absolute carnage
  5. i think ive seen some other themed pieces from vizy....anyone got flicks ???
  6. serenity and janine.......especially serenity
  7. this is a battle to end all battles.... ugh lil help please [This message has been edited by Tanner (edited 07-03-2001).]
  8. i should be gettin close to 1000
  9. once i started to get the cough thats got lung chunks in it i quit
  10. isley brothers aint nuthin copared to george clinton and p funk
  11. most hated: seeking (just as much as 6 months ago)
  12. Tanner


    me and you are gonna be in the same spot next week...maybe we could trade some flicks or do something. drop me an e-mail
  13. hey zen those tits are far from new. ive been infatuated wit her monster cans for a few years and theyve always been that big. shes such a turn on cuz shes supposedly a slut. the dirtier the better.
  14. gotta be rolling rock. support local beer
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