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  1. i remember MSN, back in like... 95/96, they had some virtual chat, where you picked a 2d avatar, and you could go around a 3d environment and holler at folks. my avatar was a dog. you could make facial expressions, and one of the dog's was a tongue sticking out. some girl kept asking me to use it on her pussy.... it was weird, but i did it. bahahaah
  2. and aren't we all here to be around other folks that write?
  3. actually, i think bp is older than myspace... same w/ asian avenue, migente, college club, and another of other sites. meaningless details
  4. ^^^^ yeah, but cnn has way hotter chicks though, i'm too lazy to post flicks
  5. I'm the same way.. plus, I figure she gets hollered at all day, and there's a lot of dudes out there w/ more money, better looks, but mostly willing to work harder for it than me... plus they pretty much all smoke, and that deads it for me as well. Dear Poe, The dilemma de moue, I'm moving out of the country in a few months for a number of years. Since news of this has been known, a number of female friends of mine have come forward w/ their love for me. I try to do the right thing and not lead them on, so as not to hurt them when I leave (they are friends.... and I wouldn't mind hollering at some under different circumstances), however, by my trying to do the right thing, that just reiterates what a big deal i am and reinforces their love of Vanity. oh, what am i to do?
  6. Re: Boa Vs. Pytho is ABC's favorite movie. *'dere snake dis big out thurr?!?!
  7. Vanity

    My Book

    how have sales been? Most authors I've known/met have been hustling their book HARD. Like Car salesman hard.
  8. ^^^ fairly organized beer set up, all things considered
  9. Re: Boa Vs. Pytho is ABC's favorite movie. *'dere snake dis big out thurr?!?!
  10. i doubt hawaii is someplace i'll ever go.. unless i marry rich.
  11. isn't it better to quit early than after a few weeks of training?
  12. bahahhhha, this is great! "I don't care how much soap you put on your bird chest ass, nigga.... wash your face first, THEN wash your nuts!"
  13. cil, it takes a couple seconds to load after clicking on it... at least for me
  14. i'm pretty sure all clownage of tease will be tolerated
  15. word... i have a homie in baghdad. whenever i hear from him, he's way more concerned about me than i am about him.
  16. Vanity

    Comfort Food

    i'm guessing snopes wouldn't let me hotlink.
  17. there's some toad in the desert that actually dries out and is dead for 3-4 months until the rainy season comes and reconstitutes it. they live 40-50 years
  18. actually, i bet the female to hetero male ratio is pretty good. the hetero:'mo .... notsomuch
  19. what about vinyl junkie and 455?
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