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  1. looking for another abuse thread, it seems. well, if thats the case, i wont be arguning. but... really, his cleans - yeah they be nice. but, his illest work is the mad abstractions he pulls off so well. can i get an amen?
  2. the red and white piece, flcik #19 - who is it by? very nice!
  3. something i ran across while browsing aerosolart.com.br that i thought wass truly incredible. http://aerosolart.com.br/galeria/bombs/10bomb09.shtml'> [This message has been edited by antik (edited 09-08-2001).]
  4. i sure as shit wish i knew how to read portugese so i could readd the stuf they write next to their work. sonik, you got the hookup on that, by chance? would pay with green guys! you bet your tube socks...
  5. my girl to get back her second wind. my baby to be born. my probation officcer to fall off the face of the earth. the town i live in tto not suck so teerribly bad. some new records. some new turntables. a new apartment. and reason for it all.
  6. HM always comes ccorrect. how can anyone deny?
  7. who in their right mind would rag this shit? thats just wrong... illness all around. wish i coulda been there.
  8. sensr + chip!!! HOT!!!!!!
  9. fr8rokr - a few of those are (or were?) minneapolis writers. you from the area? that ABUSE is beautiful...
  10. san fran is on some other level shit. or, the west coast for that matter. their letter stylings. the way the do quick fills with gaps and having it still look fresh. where they hit. unbelievable.
  11. i LOVES this shit. that oneliner with grey and black is the illness!! got more?
  12. canada freight = who is it? canada freight = its fresh!!!
  13. feeling neos throws like a mutha fucka!
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