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  1. <img scr="http://www.fngtf.20m.com/images/fner_gtf_fner_dg_cs_2000.jpg">
  2. http://fngtf.20m.com/images/fner_gtf_fner_dg_cs_2000.jpg'>
  3. http://pacorayban.homestead.com/files/paco2.jpg'> i dont agree but heres my picture for the cops who are looking for me
  4. NONE OF THESE RULES APPLY IN THE CONFINES OF NEW YORK CITY! ESPECIALLY THIS ONE! if senior heads confront you about painting their spot, respect what they have to say, whether it's "find another spot" or "don't paint the track side" or "don't hit more than 2 cars per line". If you don't respect the heads who have been hitting that spot before you, then welcome to beef. I WONT NAME NAMES, BUT I HAVE BEEN TOLD NOT TO BURN THE 'XXX-UNNAMED CREW'S "yard"' hahahahA, BOY DID I LAUGH MY ASS OFF DON'T paint several cars in a row, or tag or bomb whole lines. Workers know that trains are always getting broken up and rearranged, and the exact same artwork on many cars in a row gives away that it was done right there. DON'T leave empty cans at the spot, or get lazy about tossing them just a few feet out of sight. They will be seen by workers and noted. Dead giveaway. DON'T test out your paint on the rocks, wall, ground, or rails right by the train. Another dead giveaway that painting happens right there. (I test my caps/cans on some unrelated part of the SAME car I am painting: the wheels or suspension, a pipe that hangs down, whatever.) DON'T tag or bomb the walls, buildings, electrical boxes, trees or anything else near the yard, tracks, layup or wherever, unless the area is already crushed anyway. Another dead giveaway. DON'T leave any other evidence besides the piece you just painted. Take your dirty glove away with you, throw it away somewhere else. If a can gushed or dripped on the rocks by the track, toss those rocks away, bury them, scatter em around, whatever. DON'T paint over the numbers on freights - weight limits, reporting marks, hazmat info, or the little black box which is usually near the right end of the car as viewed from the side. This doesn't necessarily give a clue as to where the car was painted, but makes workers more interested in busting someone's ass. It also forces the railroad company to take the car out of service long enough to get those numbers restamped back on there, they are required by law to have that info displayed, and if the costs of repainting numbers add up enough they'll hire more railroad security and put heat on everyone.
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