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  1. how do the kids do it nowadays? is it like this? " Snuze. Yors. Seano. Nearing Self Murder. " Did I get it right?
  2. trains move, walls dont. thats the point of painting trains. cahmaaan. aside from that, me and that oger fellow have some similar idears, nice stuff.
  3. 2 hardcore kids who write graffiti who used to candlepin bowl. what are the odds.
  4. springfield is a shithole, the only worse place in the world is worcester. hampshire college was good to go see pre-hipsters(when they were "screamo" and didnt wear pink legwarmers) nod their heads out of time to good bands, then go over to the library and steal the bookbags of affluent college kids who didnt believe in grades. but yeah man, candlepin. sick.
  5. how creepy that you know that. does it even exist outside that area? they used to play tournaments on tv on sundays at noon around 10 years ago. I was retarded good at that shit when I was younger, I've got a bunch of trophies somewhere. What a nerd. I should take one of those balls and put it in a pillowcase and make an oversized madball.
  6. anyone who fronts on screwball, creators of the life affirming "fuck all y'all bitch ass niggaz", should be dragged out into the street and shot for not having a grasp on reality.
  7. Thats funny. I would say the scene in 1999-2000 was definitely not like the scene in 94-95 when I started going to shows. And then I'm sure the scene in 1988 was different from that, and so on and so forth. 90% of hardcore kids are just lame centrist suburbanites. They all get the same policy as toys, just shake your head and move on, its not worth the effort. norma jean is meh. I thought it was funny when they were called "luti-kriss" or something like that. that new premonitions of war shit is hot though. Hot.
  8. lumberjack niggins, hollar back. http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/8Tg8T_hillconnector2.JPG'>
  9. I sure do think all of this coverage of him being embarrassingly checked for lice and the cover of most of the major newspapers having something to do with the word "rat" is going to make us lots more safer from those terrorist do-ers.....right.....right?
  10. Yeah, uh, high five to big dork for making the angry informative comment I'm too lazy to make due to this paper on algeria i'm writing. I'm with you brother, cept for that whole "pray" comment on the end there....
  11. I could go into my skepticism about how it seems a little too convenient amidst such a flurry of negative attention in iraq that they pulled a rabbit out of a hole, but I won't. Instead I'll just remark on how vexed I become when I turn the ol' television on and hear continually American govt officials talk about a man who tormented his people for 30+ years, when American support allowed much of that to go on for some time. playing the global chessboard..... How bout this snow?
  12. I had a good chuckle at a couple of those before I realized they were in my collection. d'oh!
  13. the only good thing about fastbreak was how much $$$$$ I got from euro's for their 7"s. i saw some homeboy online who named himself "joshxfashion", dude was off the flamometer.
  14. oh, fuck. CTYC? one of my other favorites. the only band I ever danced for every song in their set, and made them play extra. I dunno what the fuck happened with "Declination of Independence", I mean, I liked it, it sounded like All Out War, but it was like 2 different bands. Well, 3 if you count what they sounded like with original singer "This goes out to rich wirstein, You're on borrowed time motherfucker..." Drowning room? oh man. I could keep blabbing all night. All these bands were bubbles. modern mosh metal shit sucks. I'd rather put a scarf on and nod my head to city of caterpilla
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