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  1. no pics Looks like Flete Fleeted the scene. Still nothing but X's
  2. outline the black with a hot neon color like turquois or pink. It will make your sketch jump off the paper.
  3. This is not my site. I just thought it was pretty interesting. F**K you USE.... I paint. Just thought I would share something interesting. I am only on the computer when I am at work so shit like this amuses me. Peace.
  4. try http://yourphotos.com
  5. When you get to the site at the bottom of the home page it says "tag machine". Click that and it will allow you to submit your own sticker tag.
  6. Check out this site. http://www.caffemocha.com you can practice your handstyle. http://yourphotos.com/users/3978/markertag.jpg'> [This message has been edited by MadMarker (edited 08-17-2001).]
  7. http://www.badmovies.org/movies/cripmasters/cripmasters3.jpg'>
  8. It's called Independence Day.... Frenchie
  9. Is that a pack of cigarettes all the way to the right
  10. Rancid... You have no room to talk. I saw your toy ass sketch. How can you be talking shit. ICY... compared to Rancid you have skills. but that isn't saying much.
  11. http://a1060.g.akamai.net/f/1060/597/30minutes/www.zing.com/picture/pbd70abf1bb58033cb6779f8a9bd5b798/fe73813a.jpg'> Here you go.
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