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    car help!!

    you damn right but if you want an LS6 car you gotta go with a 70-71 Chevelle. the 72 lost just a tad bit of power because of emissions controls but then again depending on the state the car may be old enough that you can rip that crap out. i myself own a 70 Chevelle Malibu. the engine sucks compare to a 60s-70s big block but i cant afford a swap yet and its better than the stock 307 that came with the car. its an 89 IROCZ 350(5.7L) with the tpi ripped out and replaced with a Holley 4BBL and a Edolbrock intake manifold, Hooker Headers leading back to the original Dual Exhaust pipes and a pair of flowmasters. i fucking love her to death, she handles like a dream especially for an old ass car. im hoping to have a early 396 or late 396(402) under the hood by summer time. i got the interior redone this summer and planning to get the whole electrical/wiring deal and the front suspension redone in the winter, between now and then i need to get some new wheels and tires, ill have pictures soon maybe ill post them.
  2. im gonna keep my radio and tv OFF thats for sure dont neeed to here all the bullshit, let the souls rest in peace. im gonna go to school, be my usual pimp self and then sit my fat ass on my couch when i get home, do my homework, go chill with my homie, come back home, shower and sleep. then ill do the same the next day with the radio and tv ON.
  3. cant complain too much, out of the whole week only about 20 minutes were bad. i have a sprained ankle that is just full out torn so basically my bones and muscles arent attached so 4 months of constant work with my team seems like a big waste now that i cant actually play. other than that life is good. good classes, i can vouch for the volleyball thing, im not a manager but im hanging out with them constantly cuz i have nothing to do during that class period which is the only good thing that came from the injury. i love my car, shes a beautiful work of art and machinery. im surrounded by beautiful women in all my classes and i get the privalige to arrive to class whenever the hell i want cuz no ones gonna tell me to hurry if i have a sprained ankle. so yeah life is great. could be worse, i could be dead.
  4. webs my mom almost passed on during my birth too, but we love each other to daeth, she what keeps me going. naks i hope everything gets better and dont mapo and marl get to you theyre idiots.your in my prayers if i remember to pray. dont read the next part mapo if i remember you came in here a bithed and moaned about how fucking hard the army was and how it fucked your head up and all this fucking drama. i know at least a few people showen you some fucking empathy and sympathy and that was after we all told you you had no place in the armed forces. so shut the fuck up you never told those that felt for you to shut up.
  5. normally i would be dick head right about now but this is serious. man i hope you dont take this the wrong way but you should seriously get rid of your pets, they might mean a lot but it cant mean more than having you and you fam healthy and not hungry. you could even sell them if their worth anything. find things around the house that has no emotional value but can be traded in for money at a pawn shop. get rid of your cd players and video game systems, keep your comp cuz you might need it for school. try to shop for as many things as you can at the 99¢ store, theirs no shame in it. borrow quarters and nickels from your buddies at school and keep them, they wont notice it. get a job, thatll help a lot. make your brother grow up, quickly, tell him hes the man of the house when youre at work and TELL him what to do, dont ask, stealing is bad but if you gotta do it, take the money from your pops you deserve that money anyway, dont take too much at once take like 5 or 10 once in a while. when youre out and about collect as many soda cans as you can and recycle those sucker. if your city has those recycling bins for each house, wake up or stay up till about 2 or 3 in the morning and grab as maney recyclables as you can and keep them, people are paying to get rid of them so theyre not willing to make the money off of them so fuck em. do anything you need to do to survive man, just try to stay on this side of the law as much as you can, if you get seen stealing soda cans run like hell and dont look back, youre worth nothing to no one if youre behind bars. i thought i had problems cuz i needed to pay for lost school books and wanted a new big block engine i couldnt afford. good luck man.
  6. thats retarded all that stuff can be said about elvis and you dont see kids that listen to rap disecting his videos and concerts, hes just trying to put down rap and the people who produce it, black, white or purple it dont matter. i bet some of their favorite bands did stupid videos where theyre fighting people or something and singing at the same time this is truely retarded.
  7. fuck diets they dont work, i agree with the big M if you exercise you stay in shape if not you die.
  8. wala dang mufuku cacas of da spanko
  9. http://www.polytechnic.org/students/nerd.jpg'>
  10. its Splinter fool. i cant stop changin names, i acutally like registering names i think are cool so no one will take them. do any of you know who Fred Quimby is ??


    i think with anti first they make sure theyre first and then return to leave a real reply.
  12. ithink they should just shoot all golfers in the head. golf isnt good enough for people to being paying those guys that much, no actually they should get payed they work hard but i just dont like golf, now miniture golf is a whole different subject.
  13. just whisper in her ear telling her you want to go down town.


    yo gilko that made no fucking sense but it made me laugh, i just imagined Gary Coleman saying that.
  15. thats why you shouldnt tell anyone anything personal over the internet. if it can fuck you over then why not pay for postage and do it old school style and get a PO BOX. i made the mistake once to put personal info online but im not so stupid anymore. theres a catch to everykind of communication, think about stuff before you put it on the web, worry, worry alot and become extremely paranoid about everything.
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