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  1. GEM1


    is EWOK in abk? just wondering...
  2. no dumb shit, not barbed wire. the fences that have little spikes sticking up, sometimes they twist the chainlink over but this fence had the spikes sticking up.
  3. weak! I got 11 stitches in my index finger and 7 in my pinky from a fence with those spikes on the top. they didnt have enough skin to sew it back together so the DR. had to just stitch peieces of my hand together. it looks pretty fucked up. but at least its not my painting hand. and they gave me vicodin. all's well that ends well i guess. sorry no pictures though.
  4. thats motherfucking SUM 41!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell yeah!!!
  5. http://inlandevil.puregraffiti.com/streets11/ripair.jpg'> http://www.pbase.com/image/1635444.jpg'> two great writers RIP AYER RIP NACE mad props to BLEEK that shit is huge! the 490 guys did a nice job too.
  6. the HATERADE is free flowing in this room, i am just glad to see others painting in an organized fashion. for those talking shit post some flicks of your work so we can tear it apart...
  7. actually WERK NR is from SanDiego.
  8. GEM1

    187 SOLDIERS

    bump so that hopefully people will see what productions are supposed to look like. as jiminy glick says, " KEEPIN IT REAL, man"
  9. HEX would be a welcome addition to todays scene. i think he would amaze alot of people. he was the best then and i think he would still be "one" of the best now. HEX vs. SLICK part 3? now that would be some shit.
  10. GEM1

    187 SOLDIERS

    tightest production ive seen in a long time. mad "props" yo!
  11. GEM1

    Spokane, WA

    actually i think ARBY came first.
  12. the wall is off 2nd st in downtown la. and for the guy who wants to see more than the same regurgitated shit, that may be true for DAIM but SLICK will rock anyones spot east or west coast. and as far as HEX goes, i heard he dont like graff no more.
  13. the swastika was on the pic i posted but i took it out in photoshop. i am not sure who put that there. i suspect it could have been SLICK, kinda as a diss to DAIM cause he is from germany. i am not sure though. just to clarify for all the people who arent sure what is going on in the pictures: the wall is in downtown LA. it is the wall that slick hooked up a few years back and it has a huge unfinished production. it has KRUSH SABER MEAR GAS TYKE REVOK RISK RELIC TEMPT etc, etc.... the wall has been unfinished for years. anyway a few weeks ago, DAIM came out to LA with TRIBAL and they asked him to paint on that wall. now i guess because SLICK was so hard to find they just kinda went over the shit that was there without really getting SLICKs permission. so DAIM painted and a few weeks after that SLICK apparently "dissed" DAIM for painting on the wall. mad props to the SLICKSTER!!! ill try to find a pic of the other side of the wall.
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