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  1. It's worth looking into. I have a bunch of aftermarket parts but usually they come in one solid color.. break out your paint brush and paints and go nuts with it..
  2. Thanks! Haven't posted anything or been to the 12oz in a while :) That is a lego element, i'm pretty sure it s a slurpy cup from the Simpson's kwiki mart set, and I just changed the colors/shaders of it to look like a spraypaint can :)
  3. Welcome to the thread :) we need more people to post their work in here for sure.. saw that video a while ago and I'm glad that Disney is getting in touch with their roots.. maybe now they'll hire back all of those 2d animators they've fired... I hate how the corporation operates but can't deny the fact that they have top notch artists...
  4. this one had a decent amount of post work... dirt and background..
  5. Thanks Fuse, but i really don't want to be the only one posting in here :/ Don't be intimidated by maya, it's a great tool and there are tons of free tutorials online, you just have to take it step by step and don't get discouraged... it can be a pretty long process indeed but once you finally hit that render button and see the final shot, you'll have a big ass grin on your face and will want to do more...btw. not a day goes by that i don't call maya a bitch, cause she really can be :D it's a love/hate kind of relationship..
  6. thanks fist :) i know right? cmon people let's get this poppin'.. show me your precioussessss..:D
  7. really tryin to ressurect this thread.. cmon now where are all the 3d heads?? casek???? did this one in low res for a mosaic (comic con san diego 2012).. :scrambled:
  8. downtime project for shits and giggles.. never made an under water scene so here's my attempt.. needs some depth of field so i might come back to it eventually..
  9. Porkins in the front and crybaby Luke behind him.. we all know Porkins was the one who blew up the death star...
  10. one of the many renditions for the final product.
  11. respectfully bowing down to the King..
  12. I "drive" by this 5 days a week.. "drive" only cause i'm more crawling through traffic than driving..
  13. Been a while since this thread showed any signs of life so here it is, fresh of the batch render ;) Death Star Trench (low poly) explosions, x-wing + tie fighters will be added in post by someone else, will share that too when it's done... DST_blurredTall_WIP by moleism, on Flickr
  14. nice.. bombing with ak 47's.. sheesh..
  15. yea that's what i figured. what is your bracket? do you charge hourly or per pic? Just wanted to know since I was thinking about getting into that as well.
  16. Hey I was just wondering how much do you (or anyone else) charge for photo fixing?
  17. yup after effects works perfectly with videos, its just AE video editing features (cuts and what not) are very limited, but if you already cut the vid up the way you like it, add effects :)
  18. it's really hard to get into big studios, even with backing.. not only you have to have a good idea of whats goin on but you have to be a nice person to be around who works well with others.. gonna be spending countless hours with the same peeps all the time so there's no room for bs and trippin egos... good luck on your learning, it's not as hard as you think.. eventually you'll get to the point where you'll be like "ha! that was easy to figure out.." and that's when your productivity is gonna double if not triple..
  19. thanks, right now i'm working on a stylized renders (toony) for a new reel, and sending that out to Blue Sky studios.
  20. After Effects is my favorite compositing program, hands down. I used it to put my school demo reel together. If interested check it out:
  21. zgadnij jeden zawsze imponuje.. yea..
  22. nice, it seems to be workin like FaceGen which is a program that was used in Oblivion and many other games, take 3 pics of your head (front, and both sides) and you'll have a pretty good mesh and textures with shitload of blendshapes.. mesh still looks too dense for that shoe.. too many tries and the detail on the model is not there, just an overall shape. I guess a normal or displacement map would fix that..
  23. wow.. things are gettin easier and easier to make.. i wonder how does the mesh of an obj looks like out of that prog.. i believe it would still need clean up..
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