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  1. thanks to everyone, but honestly, its just some crap.
  2. http://linoleumflow.150m.com/images/bush.JPG'> http://linoleumflow.150m.com/images/deformyellowslant.JPG'> http://linoleumflow.150m.com/images/grandmaster.JPG'> http://linoleumflow.150m.com/images/greenslantdeform.JPG'> http://linoleumflow.150m.com/images/gully.JPG'> http://linoleumflow.150m.com/images/huntertat.JPG'> http://linoleumflow.150m.com/images/hardcore.JPG'> all done within the past few weeks. no excuses.
  3. mr.e

    For your girl

    http://linoleumflow.150m.com/images/pammy.JPG'> just cause its for your girl doesnt mean it has to suck.
  4. definate potential. work on that hand alot. like, alot alot. other than that, happy writing.
  5. mr.e


    this is all terrible. the AMES one has some potential if any.
  6. snake fruit? stolen indian ashtrays. (haha at beardo. broken satellite spider monkey!)
  7. i must be slackin, yesterday was a slow day woke up, 5 shots of goldschlager to start the day right. 7 buds 4 coors tall boys 3 king cobras i duno, 13 or 14 assorted shots 4 shots bacardi limon. yeah it was a slow day. however tomorrow's monday, and you bes belie i gotta get mine on the worst day of the week
  8. cases? LIVE UP TO YOUR NAME. 40 40's would definately be a damper to your wallet, but would definately last you a shit load longer. no bad blood, cause im still drinking and too drunk to bne upset.
  9. you're right, ive never done such a thing. i never said you and ouij werent cool, i just thought it was funny because i remember posts from all those alter ego's you've had and it was just like a trip down memory lame. loosen up homie, we're drunks, not speed freaks.
  10. wait wait wait... you're the one who battled ouija and got his ass handed to him? hahahaha. oh yeah, you get ALOT of credibility from me.
  11. just because i havent posted in god knows how long doesnt make me any less of a 12oz'er than you. you see the registered date? yeah i thought so.
  12. word to zack on the fruity pebbles comment. and what i hate most, waking up after a long night of drinking and seeing the outline of the fresh ink in blood on your sheets. and the fact you have to peel the said inked area off of them, ouch ouch ouch.
  13. fuck you. and you. and you. im drunk, eat shit.
  14. amen brother. and word to the 'holics while im at it.
  15. angry music : shai hulud and throwdown depressed/angry music : antares sky. look them up.
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