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  1. mine is the cutest. i <3 my scootie.http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/files/aero1.jpg'>
  2. i second the motion. it can be pretty difficult getting it on in the shower, especially if its just a stall. if its a tub, bend over, spread em, and have some nice clean fun. although sometimes my legs start to cramp.
  3. hmmm.. thats kinda weird, in that last shot, if u take a closer look, she doesnt have the watch on her left wrist, which appears in the 2 previous shots. what bad photochop.
  4. yes, i can honestly say portishead is one of the best to listen to whilst masterbating.
  5. happy birthday cutie. prepare for a few good birthday spankings. bend over babyyyyyyy.
  6. 175? i think your friend is trying to pull a fast one on u.
  7. damn straight. you guys and your hard-ons. heh.
  8. by far the worse blackbook stuff ive seen.
  9. thats fucking awesome. ive never noticed the tshirt thing, but then again i dont normally drink heini's. but i guess now when and if i do, your ass will surely come to mind.
  10. why the fuck am i still in san francisco? arg/
  11. yea i know they are long gone. it was about fucking time.
  12. lets switch roles for a moment. what i think about seeking... the only thing that comes to mind is your dreadhead ass taking me to that goddamn ethiopian restaurant, (that you ever so hyped about for months) and me getting really disgusted about it, but i lied and said i was enjoying the food (you really jocked this place.) so yea, everytime i see AXUM (sp?) i think about seeking. so i guess this is really what does Missinterpreted think about AXUM the ethiopian restaurant.. uh huh.
  13. cloves are tasty, but they are far worse than cigarettes. the nicotine content is like 10 times more.
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