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  1. Some of us have been here forever, and are always around.
  2. 378 largest on the entire internet TODAY, NUMBER FUCKING 1 by next year!
  3. This name was registered in 2000, however by this time it was already the third name I had. I remember the green board.
  4. That was the third name i used also. I was on the original board..in...98? " Joined: 04-07-2000"
  5. I was thinking, ....I need more reasons to hate writers and more things to cause me anyeurisms.
  6. Hey kid. I'm a computer. stop all the downloadin'. Help computer...... Who wants a body massage? mr. Body Massage MachineGO! BODY MASSAGE!
  7. the cord is there onpurpose im sure to emphasise the "plug" aspect to it. fucking dirt whores....
  8. I think my life revolves around anostalgia. The things i collect, listen to, and generally keep myself entertained with ......most of it is nostalgia based.


    I hate people. Nothing is sacred to anyone anymore. It's like respect is "uncool" to have. FUCK EVERYONE.
  10. i want to ban canvasses done entirely with paintmarkers and over spray.
  11. I also read the script for the live action G.I. Joe movie. Looks like its possibe that they might not fuck it up. Lots to do with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.
  12. Iron Man is being done by Jon Favreau. I guess he is a huge fan, but e'll see how it works. I'm looking forward the BEOWULF movie. 2007. Crispin Glover plays GRENDEL. Tell me thats not awesome.
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