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  1. didnt show up bud..long time no see. send me an email
  2. got lots of pictures that are going to be posted soon but im too lazy to upload them so it might be a minute or two. whats up sheerterror?
  3. to the top of the charts..film being developed soon b more handstyle fest part two coming at ya. peace
  4. beauty's in the eye of the beholder..like joker said the bmore hand kind of evolved from the philly hand so..ya know, its up to you wehter you like our adaptation or not
  5. dyer is a rasta man hahaha..this post is making me laugh alot..get offline children!
  6. yes indeed..lyne was a cool kid. anyone got some of his shit post it up. oh and syze hit me up things need to be discussed. word
  7. emyt needs to lean how to do 3-D and letters and wtf is up with hi cru nowadays? they used to burn..reo and rage are still on point but wtf happend to the rest? all around alot of niceness but alot horrible horrible shit too..good god
  8. dude hes not really blind..fuck he did reading rainbow for crying out loud and blind people cant read with brail so if anyones fucked up its those star trek people!
  9. haha thank you for agreeing with me!
  10. "eh what the fuck you doin? get yo sucka white ass back uptown where you belong" haha
  11. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/1149/11991'> hahahaha look at the spot they gave the out of towner..so much for southern hospitality:D
  12. KINGS OF STEEEEEEEELLLLLLLL!!! haha My boy envy137 killing it..
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