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  1. im a very skinny person snap me in half
  2. hey lucky it was a joke i use that to prank call people and leave that on there answer machines
  3. i take it no one knows anything about the cky3 huh? well if you do lets hear it
  4. fafafafat booyysssss fafafafat boooyssss we maybe a little chuby but hey its all good
  5. hi this is ted from blockbuster! ya were just calling to tell you that your overdue on FLESH FEST 4 , and BIKINI BLOWOUT 5. ya just give us a call cuz your fee has now increase to 20 dollers and 11 cents.and we are gonna have to add a extra 10 dollers because the last erotica pamela was a tad bit sticky so your total cost comes to 30 . 11 $have a nice day
  6. cow tipping anyone? sounds like fun and i want to try it.ive spraypaintined on a cow .thats it
  7. i like the great usage of the white out in the "G" .
  8. hahaha postal stickers rock. i just went out and filled up like 3 stop signs full of them postal stickers
  9. hey that cat will infact kill twisty the cat. and the nerd and jus1 are indeed fresh
  10. yo use you get flix of nerd and you?if you did post em up. i would like to see em .thanks alot
  11. i have one or two people maybe there either a person who doesnt shut up and follows you everywhere.the other is my bro
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