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  1. well see how boring it is when we come and find you ma fuggguh
  2. ohhhh man why have i decided to record my own music , why?
  3. check back , updates are done http://www.angelfire.com/super2/skins0/index.html
  4. fun stuff official otk/delta force site and now the music david koresh commeth again you know the deal , right click , save... under pressure from the atf channel 11 investigates slut lord. why , why are we this bitter
  5. awww awwww song made and available for download.... waco project:bitch its gonna be another waco
  6. tease = first one dead when bullets and tear gas cans start flying!
  7. Re: jimjoneskoolaid fuck tease he die first when the bullets start flying
  8. awwww awwww why we now heavens gate cult , why?! http://more.abcnews.go.com/media/world/images/apr_heavensgate_971219_ye.jpg'> http://psychicinvestigator.com/demo/IMG00195.GIF'> "we go down fighting" - half life
  9. awww awww how am i hearing helicopters awwww awww why are they comming to get us.
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