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  1. My girlfriend revealed to me last night that she is bi-sexual and wants to bring another girl into the bedroom.
  2. I'm giving myself to ashes.... Shit, someone had to make the reference.
  3. Yeah, it would be funny to hear that kid say that shit to any of these people. I can think of one member of TME that has quite the reputation regarding a machette . . . Speaking of fucking bitches, a little birdy told me that Ajust got the shit kicked out of him.....graffiti gossip is great.....
  4. Fuckit, they're still huge. I'll figure it out sometime, I'm jsut too lazy right now.
  5. I've got some cutty easoe stuff he showed me yesterday, and a few puto/reakt shots that I noticed as I was driving around. Give me a couple minutes to get some stuff uploaded and sized and I'll contribute.....
  6. How old is that Else with the Smut hitup?
  7. I have a feeling I'll get ripped apart for this one, but I searched the thread and the forum and didn't see anything about it. Is black griffin dye thin enough to be used in a pilot?
  8. I like it....fuck the hate...blah blah blah.....my only question, out of curiosity, Does 4Get know that HA crew has more or less disolved itself? From what I know, Else doesn't write it anymore, Easoe and Rakos simply dropped it, and Smut, Ecto, and Labs formed little splinter group....oh well, whatever it's still dope....
  9. I like that third straight letter......honestly I don't see anything wrong with the rest of them, I jsut really like that third one....
  10. Apelles


    I think you missed the point. I was dissing Reno the town, not Reno the writer. I live in Reno, and I hate it, end of story. And I'm not too stressed about people making stabbing threats....
  11. Apelles


    I think it's hilarious that someone is writing Reno....if he'd ever been here I think he would change it to Fuck Reno....haha....anyway, I like all of it. Maybe I should go to Cincinnati sometime.
  12. Haha, I'd rock the 16v shoes if the came in darker colors..... And that's fucking cool that Persue gave Joey Ramone a hit-up....RIP
  13. So what about some other Reno writers? Like the rest of TME, or ITS, or HA, etc? I'd love to see more. I don't feel like driving up to Reno today.
  14. Drunk Style Fool!!!!! Haha good to see some stuff from DSFers on the other side of the pond....two of my boys over here rep for that crew....
  15. Well, there was anyway......it seems to have gone the way of the looney toons.....
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