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  1. 1) D.S.B live 2) Religious War "Cracked System" l.p 3) The Stooges "Fun House" l.p 4) Discharge "Fight Back" 7" 5) Amebix "Monolith" lp
  2. going to the boardwalk at seaside makes me feel so much better about myself. it's pretty much just one huge parade of mess, and i love every second of it.
  3. The Stooges "Fun House" Black Flag "In My Head" Gza "Liquid Swords" Gauze "Equalizing Distort" Discharge "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing"
  4. Hell fest has more in common with ozz fest then hardcore.
  5. the l.p is ok, but there are just sooooo many better bands out today that there is really no point in listening to the locust anymore. When there are bands like world burns to death, and 9 shocks around, why listen to the locust?
  6. They were ok when they first came out, but now they're way over rated and annoying.
  7. Antischism "All Their Money Stinks Of Death" 7" Amebix, "Monolith" lp 9 Shocks Terror, "Paying Ohmage" lp Motorhead, "No Remorse" disc 1
  8. 9 Shocks Terror Assuck Capitalist Casualties Life's Halt Infest Born Against Citizens Arrest
  9. Cap, Snow, Zar, Sain, Ekim, Switch, Men, Cer, Premier, Sores, Demer, J.V.C, K.F.C, T.M.D, QM8 are who i saw growing up
  10. Yea, focus, the kid who runs the dirty jerzey 666 site moved to south jersey about 2 years ago...You can contact him thrugh his site if you need too..peace
  11. I don't think Crush Kill Destroy is a member of C.K.D unless one of my friend didn't tell me they post on here and yes, I listen to spazz. That's where we got the name...
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