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  1. very nice post guys......what?
  2. word on the population and the smog, but my girlie lives up there and i love when i get to visit her cuz down here in the TX aint shit goin on. and up there i catch like 40,000 handstyles just walkin on broadway.....what?
  3. homophobes can eat a castrated penis.....what?
  4. yeah this is a pretty dope post,.....what?
  5. damn you got me......what?
  6. "Ive been bad, I need a spanking." "Oooh yes, give us all a spanking." what?
  7. i was wondering if any of you have ever heard of this band. ive been looking for their stuff for like 4 years and cant find shit....what?
  8. www.bigandbrassbeltbuckles.com ......what?
  9. uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......what?
  10. this book is a must read for everybody....if you think the govt is fucked up now...read this and your mind will be blown, no joke....what?
  11. ok so i just got a powerbook here at school and im tryin to get on aol instant messenger but when i try to sign on it tells me to check my tcp settings. i would appreciate any help on the matter. and im on the wireless network at school if that makes any difference thanks
  12. well they finally got him....rip...what?
  13. yeah i saw this band recently called the Flametrick Subs...to male guitar players and the chick bass player was on a double and the chick drummer stood up the whole time...they did a rockabilly version of some specials song.....what?
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