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kid toucher

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  1. kid toucher


    very nice post guys......what?
  2. kid toucher

    i might feel threatened

    very nice post.......what?
  3. kid toucher


    word on the population and the smog, but my girlie lives up there and i love when i get to visit her cuz down here in the TX aint shit goin on. and up there i catch like 40,000 handstyles just walkin on broadway.....what?
  4. kid toucher

    private detective...

    homophobes can eat a castrated penis.....what?
  5. kid toucher

    Art 21

    yeah this is a pretty dope post,.....what?
  6. kid toucher

    Art 21

    damn you got me......what?
  7. kid toucher

    Monty Python

    "Ive been bad, I need a spanking." "Oooh yes, give us all a spanking." what?
  8. kid toucher

    the gr'ups

    i was wondering if any of you have ever heard of this band. ive been looking for their stuff for like 4 years and cant find shit....what?
  9. kid toucher

    Favorite Non-Graffiti artist?

  10. kid toucher

    Need help with beltbuckles

    www.bigandbrassbeltbuckles.com ......what?
  11. kid toucher


  12. kid toucher


    this book is a must read for everybody....if you think the govt is fucked up now...read this and your mind will be blown, no joke....what?
  13. kid toucher

    tcp help

    ok so i just got a powerbook here at school and im tryin to get on aol instant messenger but when i try to sign on it tells me to check my tcp settings. i would appreciate any help on the matter. and im on the wireless network at school if that makes any difference thanks
  14. kid toucher


    well they finally got him....rip...what?
  15. yeah i saw this band recently called the Flametrick Subs...to male guitar players and the chick bass player was on a double and the chick drummer stood up the whole time...they did a rockabilly version of some specials song.....what?