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  1. Cop caught on video beating handcuffed youth. http://www.msnbc.com/news/777480.asp?pne=msntv FOUR SEPARATE INVESTIGATIONS were under way into the weekend arrest, caught on video by a vacationing Sacramento man. The FBI on Tuesday opened an investigation, adding its probe to ones already under way by the Inglewood Police Department, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. “We’ve asked the FBI to open an investigation to look into possible civil rights violations, and my understanding is that the case has been opened,” said Thom Mrozek, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles. Mrozek said the FBI had not drawn any conclusions but would try to determine if officers had committed federal offenses because they were acting under “color of authority.” Dorn, a former prosecutor and judge, called on prosecutors to charge Morse with at least four felonies and said he had no patience for investigations and did not care what happened before the tape started rolling. “I’m not concerned at this point what happened before the video was turned on,” Dorn said. “In my mind, I can’t think of anything that this teenager could have done that would justify the conduct that I observed on the video.” PLAY VIDEO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “When this officer picked this young man up and slammed him face-down into the hood of that car, in my opinion, (that was) number one, felony assault,” Dorn said. “Number two, assault with a deadly weapon.... Number three, battery. Four, child abuse. And I’m sure if I looked there are other crimes.” Another aleged beating victim comes forward ...I agree socrates... my fault for using the cut and paste technique...
  2. Guess my post was destoyed, and I didnt get to check up on it.. so here it goes again: Anyone have the local news story on the battle at Levitz? I am using it for a video project at school... trading is a possibility... jamalincorporated@hotmail.com Peace.
  3. daus

    Rustoleum Loves Graffiti Writers:New AA, Rusto, PT Colors

    yeah thanks for pointing out I've been on the internet too much. Customer Service.
  4. daus

    Rustoleum Loves Graffiti Writers:New AA, Rusto, PT Colors

    Wow... back from the dead y'all... heh.. forgot about this place. Anywho... Does AA still suck ass with the cap sticking when you start spraying. Always hated that. I went down to my local HD the other day looking for them shits and there was hardly any AA on the shelf. CS told me that they werent going to stock them anymore?? In a move to make paints 'safer' acrylic H20 style and cheaper without using petrol. Dont know how true that is??
  5. daus

    bloodiest movie trailer ever.

    Hell yeah, cant wait to see this one. Audition was sick as fuck. Its about time someone started making some great hardcore horror movies again. I know its no comparison but this shit reminds me of my first out of control horror movie experience Nightmare On Elm Street. Mind you that was 20 years ago... I was a little kid dragged to the theater by my older cousins. Shit traumatized me for weeks on end. Peace.
  6. daus

    graffiti fashion

    Yeah I know, tripod sucks balls for having a weak bandwidth limit... but I just dont have the time right now to upload them all to fotango or some shit... anyway in the future I will work on lowering the image sizes and possibly using a better host. Yo raven thanks for the props. Peace.
  7. daus

    graffiti fashion

    WAL-MART SELLS "GRAFFITI" SHIRTS so this site is finally updated... have a good laugh... http://unconsume.tripod.com
  8. daus

    hieroglyphics apprecation thread

    YO YO its not a wrong thing to be addicted to the microphone like a heron fiend...
  9. Remember these things? They are releasing a new series 16 next month... http://www.dacw.com/ItemImages/2003-Garbage-Pail-Kids.jpg'> http://www.boston.com/dailynews/190/region...grandfat:.shtml
  10. Damn lushus, them is some mighty fine wacky packages you got there... a rare find indeed!!! Hold on to em tight. Peace.
  11. hmm.. you wouldnt happen to be talking about Wacky Packages would you now?!
  12. Re: as soon as they cut their hair, i was suspicious... And being that they wouldnt be shit without all the people who 'dubbed' their garage tapes back in the days to listen to some dope ass metal.. it just makes it even worse. Fucking assholes. Slayer kills!!!
  13. daus

    the quietest cap

    Sarcasm runs thick on here and its the same people trying to be slick. Im finally tired of it. Peace.
  14. daus

    deoderent cans

    Right right... Thats why I always wear my red cardigan tied around my shoulders and a nice pair of loafers when I am out! Peace.
  15. daus

    the quietest cap

    dont qoute me on it but I think the German softballs (blue circles) are the quitest cap I have ever experienced. Peace.
  16. daus

    Krylon introduces the first paint for plastic.

    No they are female... and they have been around for a long while now... there have been many threadz on Krylons new color lines here. Do a search.
  17. daus

    deoderent cans

    ...thats actually a pretty smart idea - and its not that much work if you have the knowledge to mix colors AND the deoderent cans have female valves. Check the mixing paint thread to find out how to do it. Peace.
  18. daus

    <<::post ur home made markers::>>

    how is somebody going to start a thread about posting images and not post any images!!??
  19. daus

    FIGHT CLUB (movie interpretations)

    The guy who wrote Fight Club was very involved with the Cacophony Society in Los Angeles... do a search on google of 'Cacophony Society' to really get some good interpretations of what Fight Club is about...
  20. daus

    hail to the thief (new radiohead album)

    Track list for Hail to the Thief, according to Radiohead's publicist: * "2 + 2 = 5" * "Sit Down. Stand Up" * "Sail to the Moon" * "Backdrifts" * "Go to Sleep" * "Where I End and You Begin" * "We Suck Young Blood" * "The Gloaming" * "There There" * "I Will" * "A Punch-Up at a Wedding" * "Myxamatosis" * "Scatterbrain" * "A Wolf at the Door"
  21. daus

    Pistol is enlisted!

    god damn Pistol wtf!? I still cant understand why people have the need to enlist voluntarily!? Peace.
  22. daus

    mike tyson on jimmy kimmel

    I have to say that is the funniest show Ive seen in a while and definitely the funniest show on network tv for sure, snoop hosting was fucking hilarious and now tyson.. god damn. Peace.
  23. Kellogg, Brown & Root and parent company Halliburton—which was headed by Vice President Dick Cheney until 2000—was the second-largest donor of the group, with more than $709,000 in contributions. Halliburton also gave more to Bush's presidential campaign—$17,677—than any of the other bidders combined. http://www.capitaleye.org/inside.asp?ID=69 Kellogg Brown & Root, the engineering and construction company that is part of Houston-based Halliburton Co., is one of five U.S. companies that the government has invited to bid on a $900 million contract to rebuild Iraqi roads, bridges and airports. http://www.austin360.com/aas/news/iraq/030...0319texwar.html
  24. This is old and probably has been posted before?? but its a good piece of information to have on hand. Peace. _________________________________________________ Published on Saturday, March 8, 2003 by the San Francisco Chronicle Firm Linked to Cheney Wins Oil-Field Contract by Edward Epstein WASHINGTON -- A company tied to Vice President Dick Cheney has won a Pentagon contract for advice on rebuilding Iraq's oil fields after a possible war. The contract was disclosed in the last paragraph of a Defense Department statement on preparations for Saddam Hussein's possible destruction of Iraq's oil fields in the event of a U.S.-led invasion. The statement calls for proposals on how to handle oil well fires and for assessing other damage to oil facilities. The contract went to Kellogg Brown & Root Services, which is owned by Halliburton Co., of which Cheney was chairman until his election in 2000. The Houston company is a respected name in petroleum industry construction and one of a few companies capable of large-scale oil field reconstruction. But its ties to Cheney arouse suspicions among those who believe that a primary motive for a U.S. war in Iraq is oil. "I certainly don't think this comes as much of a surprise," said Michael Renner, a researcher at WorldWatch Institute, commenting on the Halliburton contract, "There are lots of business opportunities embedded in this war. It represents the larger oil and energy issues at stake." The White House wouldn't comment on how the contract might fuel such suspicions. "I deal with the reality of situations," said spokesman Ken Lisaius. "The president has made it abundantly clear about the threat that Saddam Hussein poses to us and our friends. We stand by to help rebuild a liberated Iraq." NO COMMENT FROM CHENEY Cheney's office declined comment, but a Halliburton spokeswoman told the Wall Street Journal that Kellogg Brown & Root has been doing government contracting since the 1940s. The Pentagon wouldn't discuss the exact size of the contract, nor how it was rewarded, saying the information is classified. The initial Kellogg Brown & Root contract doesn't mean it has an inside track on later contracts potentially totaling billions of dollars to rehabilitate Iraq's oil fields, explore new ones and pump the increased supply. Even if they emerge unscathed, Iraq's oil fields will need work performed by companies like Kellogg Brown & Root. Daily production has slumped during the past two decades, worn down by wars and, since 1991, by United Nations sanctions that barred imports of equipment. Daily output capacity is about 2 million barrels, down from 3.5 million barrels before Hussein took power in 1979. With enough investment, it's thought Iraqi production could surge to 10 million to 12 million barrels a day within a decade. Iraq's proven oil reserves of 112 billion barrels are the world's second- largest behind only Saudi Arabia. And there might be large untapped fields in Iraq ripe for exploration. Renner is convinced that U.S. multinational oil industry firms would strike it rich in post-war Iraq. "Regime change in Baghdad would reshuffle the cards and give U.S. (and British) companies a good shot at direct access to Iraqi oil fields for the first time in 30 years -- a windfall worth hundreds of billions of dollars," he said. Administration supporters say past history refutes claims that a war with Iraq is about oil. "This bumper sticker mentality about oil was wrong in the 1991 Gulf War, and it's wrong now. We gave the oil back to Kuwait back then, and this war, at root, is about the nature of Saddam Hussein's regime," said James Phillips, foreign policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation. REBUILDING TOOL Administration officials have said they view Iraq's petroleum wealth as a tool for rebuilding. "Iraq's natural resources belong to all the Iraqi people and -- after decades of being used to build palaces and weapons of mass destruction -- will finally be used for their benefit, not Hussein's," wrote deputy national security adviser Steve Hadley in a recent op-ed article in the Washington Post. In saying that, the White House is following international law, said David Caron, a professor at UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law. Under the 1907 Hague Convention, the United States would be present in Iraq as an occupying power and would hold the country's resources in trust. It could rebuild Iraq's oil infrastructure, but probably would have to recognize contracts that oil companies from France, China and Russia have signed with Hussein's regime, even though their governments oppose a war. "I don't think the United States would get into breaching contracts, but there would be room for new contracts to be let," Caron said. Using an open bidding process that wouldn't favor American firms "would be wise politically," he added. EXPERIENCE IN KUWAIT In San Francisco, anti-war activists have accused the Bechtel Corp., the engineering firm that rebuilt Kuwait's oil fields after Hussein destroyed them in the 1991 Gulf War, of waiting to profit from a new conflict. Bechtel officials discount that assertion as nonsense. Spokesman Jonathan Marshall said that while the company is proud of the work it did rebuilding Kuwait's fields, "Bechtel has never lobbied to create a political crisis there. We're not even at war yet, so it's premature to speculate." But Marshall added that "I'm sure the United States government will consider Bechtel if there is work to be done." A report by the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University, a think tank created by the former secretary of state to the first President George Bush, warns the current administration not to show favoritism for American firms in rebuilding Iraq's oil industry. "There should be a level playing field for all international players to participate in future repair, development and exploration efforts," the report said. "A heavy-handed American approach will only convince them (the Iraqis) . . . and the rest of the world that the operation against Iraq was undertaken for imperialist, rather than disarmament, reasons." ©2003 San Francisco Chronicle
  25. daus

    Chemical Weapons Plant found in Iraq!

    UN inspectors swept through the city of An Najaf about four months ago? The US WILL find chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction when this war is all said and done... They NEED to find them in order to win back public and allied support. Think about it and dont be surprised.