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  1. yeah thanks for pointing out I've been on the internet too much. Customer Service.
  2. Wow... back from the dead y'all... heh.. forgot about this place. Anywho... Does AA still suck ass with the cap sticking when you start spraying. Always hated that. I went down to my local HD the other day looking for them shits and there was hardly any AA on the shelf. CS told me that they werent going to stock them anymore?? In a move to make paints 'safer' acrylic H20 style and cheaper without using petrol. Dont know how true that is??
  3. Hell yeah, cant wait to see this one. Audition was sick as fuck. Its about time someone started making some great hardcore horror movies again. I know its no comparison but this shit reminds me of my first out of control horror movie experience Nightmare On Elm Street. Mind you that was 20 years ago... I was a little kid dragged to the theater by my older cousins. Shit traumatized me for weeks on end. Peace.
  4. daus

    graffiti fashion

    Yeah I know, tripod sucks balls for having a weak bandwidth limit... but I just dont have the time right now to upload them all to fotango or some shit... anyway in the future I will work on lowering the image sizes and possibly using a better host. Yo raven thanks for the props. Peace.
  5. daus

    graffiti fashion

    WAL-MART SELLS "GRAFFITI" SHIRTS so this site is finally updated... have a good laugh... http://unconsume.tripod.com
  6. YO YO its not a wrong thing to be addicted to the microphone like a heron fiend...
  7. Damn lushus, them is some mighty fine wacky packages you got there... a rare find indeed!!! Hold on to em tight. Peace.
  8. hmm.. you wouldnt happen to be talking about Wacky Packages would you now?!
  9. Remember these things? They are releasing a new series 16 next month... http://www.dacw.com/ItemImages/2003-Garbage-Pail-Kids.jpg'> http://www.boston.com/dailynews/190/region...grandfat:.shtml
  10. Re: as soon as they cut their hair, i was suspicious... And being that they wouldnt be shit without all the people who 'dubbed' their garage tapes back in the days to listen to some dope ass metal.. it just makes it even worse. Fucking assholes. Slayer kills!!!
  11. daus

    the quietest cap

    Sarcasm runs thick on here and its the same people trying to be slick. Im finally tired of it. Peace.
  12. daus

    deoderent cans

    Right right... Thats why I always wear my red cardigan tied around my shoulders and a nice pair of loafers when I am out! Peace.
  13. daus

    the quietest cap

    dont qoute me on it but I think the German softballs (blue circles) are the quitest cap I have ever experienced. Peace.
  14. No they are female... and they have been around for a long while now... there have been many threadz on Krylons new color lines here. Do a search.
  15. daus

    deoderent cans

    ...thats actually a pretty smart idea - and its not that much work if you have the knowledge to mix colors AND the deoderent cans have female valves. Check the mixing paint thread to find out how to do it. Peace.
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