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  1. d-low brown, doink, dink, paul bearer, tatanka, and dan janssen.
  2. same shit here dude....we make plans...she cancles...i call and message her and shit never returns anything,,,,then shell call me at like 2 am one random day and wanna come over and shit,,,,,,,,i fuckin hate girls.:rolleyes:
  3. XgraffcoreX

    Head On!

    apply directly to the forehead!
  4. damn man kid had paterson smashed for a while....r.i.p.
  5. :confused: tell me what the fuckin "trap" is so it can go down there.
  6. yo check the Missour thread page 6 bout half way down....is this kid sayin he did those or is he not done posting. im confused. random.
  7. Born and raised faggot. Quoted post [/b] ahh cobras.
  8. where did this come from. is there a cycle from ohio?
  9. all i have to say is good. not because i want people to get busted and pay fines, but because they will only catch the fake-fame-ass-motherfuckers who fuckin post their shit with them in the pic and then add every fuckin graff head they can find to get their shitty no name out via the internet and not actualy painting. and as far as they are targeting like 'top 40' or some shit thats bs because the only fuck who would get caught from this is some blabber mouth dipshit who just like name drops and tell their fuckin life story to someone they dont even know on the internet. im done, but fuckin graff profiles on myspace.......come on you're just waiting to get fucked.
  10. yes they did play in defnese of all life and yes dropdead is still around haha ------------------ .unite.go.rock.unite the masses.
  11. was anyome at the g.c.f/dropdead show at abc no rio on Aug. 11?...it was really fucking good ------------------ .unite.go.rock.unite the masses.
  12. i have a coupl [airs of ecko jeans but the shirts are mad $$$$ the onluy ecko shits i have are the one i bought at the salvation boot party and the other i found haha ------------------ .unite.go.rock.unite the masses.
  13. XgraffcoreX

    THE EX.

    the worst part of the ex is that u know shes giving that good head to another guy even though she hates to do it. FUCK GRRLS! ------------------ .unite.go.rock.unite the masses.
  14. cap tmd? ------------------ .unite.go.rock.unite the masses.
  15. 14 yrs young fat chiks are good to lose virginity to ------------------ .unite.go.rock.unite the masses.
  16. well you can have spin kicks and what not and still have a fun time its jsut why go looking for a fight i never said no dancing was tuff guy. ------------------ .unite.go.rock.unite the masses.
  17. XgraffcoreX


    word. me and my friends had been doing dumb shit for a long time and now when ever we do sumthing funny all you hear is 'why you tryin to be like jackass' and it pisses me offffffff. ------------------ .unite.go.rock.unite the masses.
  18. it was at krome in jersey in like south amboy or sum shit i dunno they where really good and so was bane so i am lookin foward to this show its just that at every good show now there is just tuff guys who wanna fight and it kinda kills the fun. ------------------ .unite.go.rock.unite the masses.
  19. fuck krylon those are real cans ------------------ .unite.go.rock.unite the masses.
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