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  1. Jase Daver Metasin Krude Ker Lewis Hermdog, could you do a favor for me? Could you post any of those tasty new DYER & GAS freights I've seen rolling through our lovely city?
  2. Look out for freights. Sorry about the size.
  3. Falls Road fell the fuck off.
  4. Okay so I've been seeing alot of this kinda stuff floating around..... www.baltimoreburners.com/norebomb1.jpg Does anyone have any idea as to what they're using to do these. I've been searching around various construction/ marking paint sort of places but haven't found anything that could do this. Is it a wagner paint sprayer?
  5. What's the admissions process like? What did you or whoever you know have in their portfolio and what was the quality of work? anyone have any comments on Corcoran University as well?
  6. http://images.ofoto.com/photos246/5/64/39/88/10/0/10883964503_0_ALB.jpg'> Not a rubber stamp but somethin I've been doin for a while.
  7. I was wondering if anyone here participated in forensics when they were in High School...
  8. SuburbianBrat

    Rice Boys~~

    I've beaten too many of them to really care....
  9. The First year I came out with freights I was caught up in the number thing just because I wanted to get my name out fast..after that I just kinda rested and did the old sunday afternoon sessions and kicked back...I can remember I was talkin on the phone with a pretty well known freight writer at the time two years ago and one of his first questions was.."SO, you gettin some numbers in"
  10. DO you need a password now or something? Does anyone know any more public friendly tracing sites for CSX and it's associate railways?
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