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  1. what the fuck... they were just showin up... ill put them all up again later on yourphotos...
  2. sorry about the shitty quality of the fliks... my scanner is mad old
  3. i agree on the working on the lines part... but not on sayin not to try pulling off long clean lines... how else are u gonna learn to do it without practice? im not feelin the first piece really, its aight... the purple and yellow one is pretty good tho
  4. sayword

    Computer graff

    agreed... niggas are all frontin on enue... from what i remember he put it down... he mgiht not have been one of the fools always in a fuckin gay ass mag... but shit he did his thing for a good minute
  5. DUH! Enue is a real graff writer FOOLS! He used to reprezent around my way back in the day with nace and crispo...
  6. sayword

    the GORILLAZ

    DEL is the SHIT! I got that album and i wasnt feelin it that much... i was real dissapointed when del wasnt on all the tracks...
  7. that stare is pretty ill and that end 2 end is off the hook!
  8. the post is aight... nothing special... also the nato from NYC has better throw ups than that piece... not hatin on australia but the post wasnt spectacular or anything
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