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  1. What do you call a quadriplegic skiing? Skip What do you call a quadriplegic hanging on the wall? Art what do you call a quadriplegic in a hole? Phil!!! what do you call a chinese woman with one leg shorter than the other? Irene what does the gay hoarse eat? heeey(drag is out with a lisp, you know like a guy hoarse would) did you hear about the gay midget? he came out of the cupboard This thread is too great for words.
  2. Dolemite

    lizzy bags

    Use electrical tape, the whole point of that shit is electrical currents can't pass through it...line your bag with a cardboard box and then electrical tape...tedious? It works.
  3. Really i have been stocking up, go to Ebay and but 100 shots for 10 bucks...even the experation date on the film is sometime in 1996 it still comes out great. Every so often a picture comes out runny but you can play that off as uh artistic intent? Polaroid transfers are great.
  4. just say something like: Some folks say that Willie Greene, Was the baddest muthafucka the world has ever seen. But I want ya to light you up a joint and take a real good shit and screw your wig on tight And let me tell ya about the little bad muthafucka called Dolemite. Now Dolemite was from San Anton' A ramblin, scamblin, gamblin little young muthafucka since the day he was born. Why the day he was dropped from his Mammy's ass, He slapped his Pappy's face And said, "From now on, cocksucka, I'm running this place." At the age of one he was drinkin whiskey and gin. At the age of two he was eating the bottles it came in. Now Dolemite had an Uncle called "Sudden Death". Killed a dozen bad men from the smell of his breath. When his Unc' heard how Dolemite was treatin his own Maw and Paw, He said, "Let me go check this little bad rascal before he go too far." Now one coooooold, dark December night, His Uncle broke in on Dolemite. Now Dolemite wasn't no more than three or fo' When his Uncle come breakin through the do'. His unc' said, "Dolemite, I want you to straighten up and treat your brother right, Cuz if you keep on with your dirty mistreatin, I'm gonna whoop yo ass till your heart stop beatin" Dolemite sittin in the middle of the floor playin, He said, "I see yo lips quivering Unc', but I don't hear a cocksuckin word your sayin." This made his uncle mad. He let off with a right that made lightin flash! But Dolemite tore his leg off. He was that damn fast. Now all the men in San Anton' gathered around that night. To see if they could do something about the little bad rascal called Dolemite. It took a hundred of the baddest, the boldest, the ugliest men in town, Finally rode Dolemite's ass down. Put him in jail, held him without bail. If you think his Mammy was happy You shoulda seen his Pappy. Now it's been eight long years since Dolemite's been fed. The average muthafucka woulda long looong been dead. Now the warden called Dolemite. Said, "Dolemite, I'm gonna tell you what we gonna do Now we gonna give you a dollar and a half and a damn good meal If you promise to leave us alone And get your badass outta San Anton'." Dolemite took the dollar and a half and the damn good meal. And said, 'I'm gonna tell you old, jive, molded, ancient, decreppid, muthafuckas how I feel." Said, "Ya'll can suck my dick, nuts, and ass down to the muthafuckin bone! Because I ain't never comin back to San Anton'." go to dolemite.com for more great quotes from rudy ray moore movies
  5. Seriously go to flower stores they are always throwing away roses you can give to people. Also go to the DMV or hospitals just be careful of broken glass.
  6. I dont know what values you all may hold....just a thought though. Boca burgers are good as fuck but they are made by Philip Morris, the tobacco company. Morning Star shit is also very good but so loaded with chemicals you will all die.
  7. How abour right after that: "sorry i got to go my damn wiener kids are listing"
  8. there stands a broken man, it is recess everywhere but in his heart How about Blabbermouth, the jerky doll for jerks? -bart Do i smell wheatgrass...and vodka? - ron howard Yeah its a lawnmower, i made it up my self, you want one?- homer Yeah-ron howard
  9. 1. 2. a some of those enemas, a few of those porno mags 3. bell 4. under the door mat with all the roaches 5. cat food
  10. 1.Shelbyville Manhattan Full name? 2. Selma Bouvier Terwilliger Hutz McClure 3. A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man...It's a perfectly cromulent word..hahaha
  11. 1. Honda 2. malk (rat milk) now with vitamin k? 4. "nuke the whales...you have to nuke something 5. donuts, porkchops, spage age moon waffles?mmmmmm
  12. Definitely!!!!!!! If you have ever seen the questionable video Rodney Mullen does the best tricks, he 540 flips in that movie and now jamie thomas is taking all the credit for that one. Any one who sessions red curbs gets my respect.
  13. hell yeah jim greco style is great he is all filthy...like me
  14. Just look at my name, not only do i wish i was black i wish i was dolemite. ------------------ ..rat soup eating honkie motha...
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