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  1. actually of the flicks that worked..none of the cats went to ccad.
  2. http://www.omnimix.com/flics/flix/die_5.jpg'> eid by die bsa knk tlm http://www.omnimix.com/flics/flix/esa_2.jpg'> esa
  3. http://www.omnimix.com/flics/flix/wand_9c.jpg'> wand tm7 http://www.omnimix.com/flics/flix/ropas_4.jpg'> ropas
  4. http://www.omnimix.com/flics/flix/nem_5.jpg'> nems http://www.omnimix.com/flics/flix/keas_7.jpg'> keas bsa knk io
  5. Re: ??????? where did you get a photo of rammelzee? i agrre though. you can tell lyrics born and dose one love rammellzee.
  6. bump for five,arts and cern bump for cycle
  7. ohio http://www.omnimix.com/flics/flix/asend_2.jpg'> asend hbt http://www.omnimix.com/flics/flix/five_1.jpg'> five tsc io http://www.omnimix.com/flics/flix/jek_6.jpg'> jek bsa http://www.omnimix.com/flics/flix/asend_6.jpg'> more asend hbt all images from
  8. could you also post flicks of the bombing section of it? the battle wasn't only on this legal.. lotsa of colors her did crush dude on the street. her(her) did destroy white her on the street. the legal is the only place the white her(ment) would paint.
  9. i'd her(mer). i like his piece better. PLUS HE ALREADY WON THE BOMBING BATTLE.
  10. Re: my word, it's raining thugs! the pictures of rappers were on there to piss people off. which they did. much more clever then calling someone gay. i just did it to get you mad.
  11. well if this thread is gonna be brough back up..it might as well have images http://www.omnimix.com/flics/flix/mer_6.jpg'> mer aws io bsa http://www.omnimix.com/flics/flix/rob_1.jpg'> rub tm7 http://www.omnimix.com/flics/flix/ropas_7.jpg'> ropas http://www.omnimix.com/flics/misc/scribble2001/dell'> dell
  12. ok... the fact you just mentioned vaez really played yourself. inentify yourself and batttle wands. noone who knows vaez would have even made that comment. everyone knows vaez and, even people he is cool with don't take his side n this shit. not even vaes takes his side on that shit. and that just isn't even a grudge to him. you are either be a younger cat who hangs out with vaez,because after getting booted from hbt for his interactions wirh ro.he was left with no allies in the graff community over the age of 19. he is my friend but...you are smoking crack to mention him in your post. if not a young toy you must be someone trying to use a little bit of info who deosn't actually know the people involved. when is that last time you hung out with ro or vaez? indentify and battle wands. the rest is internet games . ropas is dope.. as is wands.
  13. http://www.mhzsite.com/flics/copytage98.jpg'> http://www.omnimix.com/flics/flix/wand_9a.jpg'> fuck al that... you don't like these two?
  14. anyone who quotes peter nelson gets a bump.. o-h ten
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