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  1. bump. caught homeboys cars for years in the northwest.
  2. in no particular order....
  3. A $20 paypal reward to anyone who turns up a picture of a TTX Boxcar painted with "Swine Flu Crew" block letters blasted end to end. It rolled by and I had no camera. Hilarious.
  4. He doesnt have to act black anymore, but he doesnt have to act gay either. I think he was too quick to jump onto a band wagon set forth by Daryl Pulumbo and tight jean hair in the eyes wearin mother fuckers. He could have just went to a happy medium. But to each his own, hes making more money then most of you, and probably gets way more pussy now as well. Who gives a fuck.
  5. There is another asoe, and this guy loses.
  6. first post of 2008. im bored, and its been snowing since 1pm...almost at a foot.
  7. This isn't "stand by me" we are talking about here... he had his time, now its someone else's turn, shit.
  8. Re: Boa Vs. Pytho is ABC's favorite movie. *'dere snake dis big out thurr?!?!
  9. he was just a normal dude like everyone else...people take too many sleeping pills everyday. Why is it that I heard his body was found in one of the Olsen twins apartments, and the story I was told following that info was that one of the Olsen twins is dating Lance Armstrong??? what the fuck!? Dude is has one nut and probably used to watch full house everyday. creepy.
  10. Intangible


    anyone know of a good online store to cop dunks and rare nikes?
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