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  1. Re: ADDICTS Addicted to licking? Like you have to lick stamps all day long....That would taste bad.:o
  2. I told me mom about me painting, she told me to get out of the house. After talking to her she didnt care as much. She even wanted to get involved. But she tried this thing were she wanted info on it and wanted me to show her stuff, so that maybe she could get into it to, "to be a concerned and caring parent involved in her sons life and activities" I told her that she would get shot if she did it. That ended that thought. Now she all thinks its a gang thing, and im gonna get shot. So I made a compromise that I wouldnt paint till im 18. In return I have no curfew anymore....hahahahaha :) yhea right..I dont think I could stop painting if I wanted too.
  3. Be glad you didnt fall into razor wire with a grizzly bear...
  4. No...I think he painted a girl. Thats kinda mean, the paint would take along time to wash off, and it might get in her mouth and eyes. Hey man be careful you could blind some one.
  5. Name changed once, after I found out I was not the only ****, I was kinda sad to find that out..I cried alot after that...Im over it, and a little bit older, and doing just fine.
  6. I like philly cheesesteaks they taste of goodness
  7. I get that withdrawl feeling alot..
  8. I havent heard of Jat. But im really tired of that pete pablo song. :mad: "North Carolina come on and raise up, take your shirt off and swish it round your head like a helicopter"
  9. Da Count Chocula <-----aint nothin better
  10. i wish i had a train set now...
  11. Intangible

    New Bench

    Tagsiproductions ill be your friend. I dont think your a cop. heres my address Jeff S. 2457 SE NOCAB St. Sacremento, CA 674322 p.s. write me and we can hook up and go tagg graffiti on buildings with paint.
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