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  1. Funny internet "beef" comes back to haunt you.
  2. Once again Pho' made a cold snowy day. Nice warn, and yummy. Hot sauce, some fish sauce, and some sprouts make it the bomb diggity.
  3. I be thee ak one. Or somthing similar to that, that sounds fun.
  4. Re: Re: LTS keep your comments to yourself.
  5. For shure man, I eat pho like everyday. Why is it so damn good?
  6. LTS More.. http://www.yourphotos.com/users/8418/arby%20%20LA.JPG'> Arby..?? http://www.yourphotos.com/users/8418/thyst%20piece.jpg'> Thyst More to come when I get a digicam this weekend.
  7. LTS Here ya go.. http://www.yourphotos.com/users/8418/Arby%20peice.jpg'> ARYSE
  8. Re: how tha fuck.. mmmmmmm. PHO' im gonna go eat that tommorow, damn you should try my friends moms PHO' its off the hook for sheezy.
  9. I do know you a to the g to the c to the k...if that is your real name. **Creepy music plays**
  10. When you do a character its not your name so ha! But I dont do characters so..........please save me..
  11. This should be closed for the retardation, and stupidity it presents.
  12. Well Im in the same city as 455 infact I know him. If you still cant figure it out email me.
  13. Ill stick to what I have on my persons, kid rock is trash. I got Helta Skelta, Atmoshpere, Mars Ill, and some Vitamin D.
  14. Is there montana paint in Canada? Then I could just hop the boarder and be back by supper.
  15. :idea: 455 & ctrlaltdel you know you two live in the same city, and know eachother right? 455 being C and ctrlaltdel being KZ's bro.
  16. I use common sense, and the morals I have developed. Which arent that good since i write on peoples property. But I feel by not writing on churches, cemetarys, hobos, and the elderly, I maintain a few morals that make me feel graffiti is ok. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I dont mean to be an asshole;Im and asshole to be mean.
  17. Maybe they would have opened the door and clothes lined him..Or gotten out and chased him on foot...or shot him..or raped him...watch out for those toyotas with white people...especially if they are skin heads woooo deeey.
  18. hmmmmmm.....interesting choice summer squash...
  19. Re: WHAT THE FUCK?>??????? I may be cheap. But Im Down G Dawwwg. How do you sell nutt? Wanna meet me for coffee and we can disscuss your offers :)
  20. No shit I wanna see that fucking video. With those dope shots of Ayer (RIP) and shit.
  21. hahahahhahahaha good times, good stories
  22. What you don't say can't hurt you. Keep that in mind no matter what circumstances.
  23. I wanna meet this prince guy...does he have a good system in his car?
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