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  1. The chicago wall was pretty tight on the left side of the parking lot. I think it was cmw. And the red characters next to that wall, of the those girls were sick. I wish i had a scanner...
  2. ELK for president dope shit!
  3. back on the board... Cigarette smokers usually smoke to cope with problems but in the meantime it's a health problem smoking. and people around you who dont smoke find smoking to be annoying usually so it's all a big problem. if the cigarettes keep going up in price u'll see that more people will quit anyways, cause not all 15 year old rebels can roll cigarettes without getting their roller taken away by mommy and daddy.
  4. listen up... Sure a lot does get smuggled and does get far into the states, but the LARGE majority goes to florida. they take those matchbox boats fill them up take them close to the miami shore line and trade where they wont get caught and go back and get more and drop off all day. Some of those matchbox boats even are told to place them in plastic and waterproof carriers and they just throw them out the boat at a certain point because the 2nd man comes to get it there. but mexico smuggles in waaaay more than jamaica. u might want to check your resources my friend...
  5. Well actually Se, jamaican bud that's smuggled pretty much only goes to florida and some surrounded states. If your talking about the majority of brick shit that's smuggled most is mexico and canadian field shit. more mexico tho, and god i'm not a fan of mexican sativa...
  6. Right jah, especially since switzerland's on the verge of legalization. and hit me up sometime my aol im is on my profile if you wanna shoot the business
  7. I already know your next reply: well america could grow it and sell it and whatnot. but do you really think america� will allow marijuana bars and shit, cause that's what comes next from legalization, people will argue we need bars like alcohol drinkers, and that brings in the cannibus cup and shit, and i dont believe america will have one of those. It's just against it's policy, it's hard to get the government to change in serious issues, especially will conservatives runnin shit. But i bet pot will be legal eventually in small quantities in america, probably not america as a whole will declare legalization but i bet some states will sprout up, anyway, your turn.
  8. check it Jah is right about the skunk shit man, or at least as far as my knowledge, but i'm pretty fuckin sure there's a fair amount traded with them. And if any of you are avid high times readers, i'm not sure if you guys are, but in the last couple months there have been topics along these lines such as bush's involvement and the shutting down of medicinal marijuna gardens, for example west hollywoods got raided right after 9/11 along with many other california shops. Many are still going, i am familiar with someone who claims chronic back paint and recieves government chronic for 50 an 1/8. But seriously may was a descent issue for HT, check it out, you can order back issues, and for the record february's issue with bob marley was dope. Even for you non-smokers, high times doesnt fuck around, they don't have munchies articles or any of that bullshit, they got up to date information about the war on drugs and such. i reccomend it to anyone, my dad works for the government and reads high times, of course he doesnt smoke he can't, but i bet he would if it was legal, and he told me he thought it would be in the 70's but he said that now he's learned more in depth information thru the government and him working there, and he said (we were in an arguement), "You think pot will be legal? It never will, i thought it would be too once, but the government won't let it be!" We've given money to drug smugglers in columbia and such, we've BAILED out smugglers, and pardoned them, and you never see that on the news do you? no, but it happens, why do you think that bush's new best friend is the mexican president, canada has always been are sister state, but what? now it's mexico, would you like to know why kiddies? because the government makes money off people who use drugs. If we didn't have people getting busted for pot we'd have less government money because we pay tickets and court fines and bail money and that money pays police, prisons and such, it won't be legalized becase corporate america always needs more money.
  9. god damn, i'm runnin out of pennies but here's 2 more cents Alright madbomber, what your trying to do is convince ADDICTS to not be addicted. That task is more than your palms can handle my friend, i understand your trying to save lives here, but, and addicted person will think quite differently. It's hard, most of these kids will quit probably in the next couple years, and they probably will regret smoking, but kids have a natural intuition to defy the odds of everything. Blame corporations for kids smoking, blame media, don't blame smoker, not that i'm saying you are madbomber i should've skipped a line. People usually pick up something to replace or fix something else, for example, problems/stress, large majority of smokers start for this without even knowing it. I plan on quitting and probably will regret it but shit, not like pot smoke is great and you know how many fuckin' people smoke pot? well, not more than cigarettes, but it's a shitload of people, would you convince them not to smoke? and if so, you need some reconfiguration upstairs. Smokers can't very easily quit cold turkey for you people who don't know, it's healthier for their personality at least to slow down then quit, otherwise instead of a nice smoker you got a non-smoking asshole, which would you really prefer in this world? And for the record, i hate when kids smoke to look cool too, because i know i'm addicted, and when i have some A&F mother fucker come up to me to bum a cigarette only to blow smoke out his mouth i get pissed, cause he's one: smoking on my expense two: cause it's serioiusly dumb. It's sad that people even worry about looking cool, that shouldn't even be an issue. But thanks to, sorry to bring it up again, but Corporate America runnin shit, AMERICA�. Were all just a bunch of corporate robots wheeling around doing corporate business to make sure things are so called "happy". but anyways i'm running out of breath, and i'm sure your runnin out of patience reading this, so i'll take a step to avoid carple-tunnel and quit. peeeace
  10. Sorry for the confusion Madbomber, here's a breakdown of what i was saying: most of my friends are smokers as am i, so i was building up my arguement in defense. On the other hand, i agree very much with When, because everywhere you see smokers, they're like a subculture or better yet culture, anytime you want a conversation starter for a smoker you can ask to bum a fuckin' cigarette. And i believe smokers do have good communication skills, and you know what, the majority of smokers start to cope with a personal problem, but i hate to hear about peoples problems and i dont even know why i brought that up. But cancer is killing people almost as quick as car wrecks, death is not an issue anymore in my opinion, i could die so many different ways everyday, and the likelyhood of you lasting until your old is slim anyway, so fuck, deck yourself out with some camel royals and go nuts. -peace and if you can't acquire a taste, shit, you can find bud in just about any city in america, and about as easy as cigarettes no less, dont you love it.
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