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  1. that OA crew rooftop is off the hook!!fuggin huge!!
  2. Words cant explain this guys graff... Speechless i guess you could say...
  3. Diabolical


    All of those fr8s are pretty sick. Really liking the nace whole cars, but whats my opion cause jelo-16 says im toy! DBI fr8 slayers.......
  4. i would definatly have to agree with TRAINS. I hate seein all these clothing companies that have graff related lettering on them, like that wack ass clothing company jnco, who would wear that shit!i guess ravers, cause thats the only homos i see wearing that shit.and thats all i got to say about that....Diabolicks....
  5. Taco has some sick fr8s. Really feelin that DBI fr8 tho!! Diaboliks!!Drop me a line bevis!!
  6. Very very impressive!Pretty unreal to tell yoo the truth!!
  7. Took that saer flick in good ole cali!!!! That vizy fr8 is prety ill!!Feelin it!!!!
  8. That last piece of ass is a no go but the other girls are banging!!i like it post more!!
  9. Diabolical


    Seen tons of his work and all i have to say is its amazing!!
  10. yeah the gkae fr8s are sik!!
  11. dont yoo have some tybo flicks? HELEX DBI....
  12. to tell you the truth i dont know jaber but i have been paintin fr8s long enofugh and seen enofugh flicks to know that was him.
  13. i hope it was a cold night, look how crooked those lines are.
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