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  1. cool clip. the rest of the links dont work anymore but this one still does and its pretty sweet.
  2. holy shit! so much gold all that a2m shit is so classic and all that nace! great post.
  3. Zaius


    awesome stuff.. classic!
  4. support! buy the dvd! http://www.billdaniel.net/projects/who-is-bozo-texino
  5. saw that on the iron and wine site and wondered about it too. hope its real. good tunes forsure.
  6. cool, thanks! good lookin out
  7. oh no! the precious secrets of the freight scene have been lost!! what in the world are we going to do now? now that the top secret glossary of railroad-related terms has been revealed to the billions of public users who browse the train related graffiti discussion section of 12oz! all is lost!! :lol:
  8. Unfortunately, no camera. Still no action here. Ocean lookin very calm.
  9. Sittin on the porch about 750 feet up and a mile back from the ocean on Maui HI. So far nothing unusual to report from up here. A bunch of whales jumpin around, that's about it. I'll keep you posted.
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