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  1. *DESNT*

    Spray safe!

    wow, thnx for all the info guys. i usualy dont wear a mask or gloves, but after reading all this i think i might start. also, wear a condom when u paint.......trust me.
  2. closed in 5...4...3.....
  3. that guy is a master of the etch-a-sketch. i like that battleship too. nice post.
  4. ewok. daim. what more could you ask for? dont answer. its a retoricle question.
  5. *sarcasticaly*"HEY! COOL! THANKS FOR THE TIP!!!!!!":rolleyes:
  6. wow! this fork is chunky, or something like that...:loopy:
  7. first one looks good to me. no improvement needed.
  8. by the way. secret, i think you're hot, and i was feelin that peice you busted. props.
  9. i was there, but unfortunately i didnt get to paint. and by the way the guys(OA) who were throwing paint had a reason. they werent just trying to be assholes. but it does suck for the ppl who got paint on them who werent involved. but the person(LOOKS TTBB) who was the target had that shit comin. oh well. too much beef! cant we all just get along? peace.
  10. the second bus is fuckin sick! the first bus is good too. it kinda reminds me of the first time i painted a train.
  11. *ahem*.....riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
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