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  1. ... yeah...most bands on it now are garbage!!!
  2. . oh yeah... http://xoverthetopx.dampgirls.com AIM: xandrewthetopX thanks again like the porn URL?
  3. hey...im back with the shameless self promotion... here's our(over the top) mp3 site w/ all our recorded goods...please support us anyway by buying a cd if you like it...or even if you don't thanks
  4. BurtReynolds

    inside out?

    no one knows burning fight!
  5. Show 'em how SC does it!...
  6. Where's Dement?... Dethr,grate,spoke,onetime... word post the corrugated steel spot by northface w/mink,vile etc.
  7. Next Friday the 28th Stretch Armstrong Hope Conspiracy Reach The Sky Etc. Etc. Etc. Santa Cruz, CA..... Vet's Hall.....
  8. Unless your a cracker,,, that comment aint "fucken" appreciated... hahah
  9. Saw him at Slims in SF...fuckin' secuirity gave me the boot...I was partying to hard i guess... i was just bringin' the Andrew Wk saturday night live mosh and i got the boot...when the secuirity gaurd came out at the end i glared at him, pointed at a sign that read "LIVE HARD SLAMMING" and said FALSE ADVERTISING"...i was pissed..I had to sit through the casualties for that shit..
  10. ... There's some Aesop Rock song where they talk about a Twist character
  11. ... Of course it's after the movie!... I didnt say "we sound like judge" i said they say we sound like judge so don't tsk me...haha the funny part is tha during our fisrt shoe people said we sound like them before we played FED UP
  12. CLICK If you wanna hear the songs and they wont load on the site... AIM: XAndrewthetopX
  13. aesop rock - kill em all shelter - civilized man skarhead - drugs money sex necro - gory days All hotties eat the jizz
  14. s absolutely not sardaukar... i am talking about sardarkldfsdlkhfdlkghdflgh haha is that your wife, you girlfriend, or just your mayne biytch
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