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  1. JimmyHofa

    honestly, whos still a virgin on here?

    i thought i was gay for like half an hour one time, but then i realized that i can't interior decorate. HA! No, i think you're right, when im in the moment shit goes more or less smoothly, its just afterword i feel like a sinner, maybe its just the catholic in me.
  2. JimmyHofa

    fuck terrorist bullshit

    in response to socrates: how did a person who believes in the feasibility of a one world government ever get a master's degree in anything?
  3. JimmyHofa

    honestly, whos still a virgin on here?

    pregnacny aint a thang now though with that new morning after pill
  4. JimmyHofa

    honestly, whos still a virgin on here?

    I'm about to turn 18 and i still haven't knocked it out yet. It's probably because i choose women that turn out to be really fucked up. I could've probably had sex with one of them but it would have been bad news. I think i might end up having sex with my current girl, though im not even sure i want to. My main problem is that I have this thing where i don't really love being intimate and i feel really dirty during and especially after fooling around. Also i get bored of girls really quickly, usually when they start to like me back. Wow, this makes me sound really fucked up, maybe i am. I feel like if i wasn't so timid i would be an abusive type of fella, but ill never play that shit. Is this why I'm not scoring?
  5. JimmyHofa

    on some thug shit

    everyone knows that the best hip-hop is the violent kind. I'm thinking about Mobb deep, Boot Camp Click, M.O.P., and alladat, you know, rhymes about robbing, fighting, gun play and shit. I know some of you can feel me. Hit off the shit you think is worth listening to, if you want. If you don't, keep hatin
  6. i think if a guy is willing to go down on a bitch, he should be allowed to go off on her mama face
  7. JimmyHofa

    fuck terrorist bullshit

    People act like republicans (which i don't consider myself to be) are the only ones who are brainwashed, when the fact is that all the people who currently find fault with American policy are equally drawn into believe a given set of ideas (even if they aren't the status quo). Their uniqueness doesn't make them true. I personally dont think destroying afganistan is the right thing to do, nor do i think that rolling over and taking it in the ass is proper. But if you want people to except your "radical authority questioning idealism" you have to accept their anger. I'm sure alot of people on the anti-American tip are sincere and to those people i say "rock-on", but alot of people say that shit just to sound cool and politically aware. Bottom line: America plays by school yard rules; hit us and will hit you back twice as hard, even if we deserved it. Me, I like my lifestyle, and politcal idealism doesn't pay the rent.
  8. JimmyHofa

    #1 hiphop album of all time?

    how has everyone slept on the infamous mobb deep? other than that ... ogc-da storm (anything by boot camp) "why don't you tell these niggas why you numba one, I don't think they undastand. Starang: first of all, starang come first and foremost" geto boys liquid swords, come on! any album that has a song solely about the stick up game, or a song with gun shot sound effects on it.
  9. JimmyHofa

    saturday night music

    i would give a piece of my heart to listen to "you never knew" or "at the helm" by heiro yo. that shit is the boomdink, bleeeatch.
  10. JimmyHofa

    best horror films

    event horizon is pretty creepy
  11. JimmyHofa

    9/11 Mastermind Identified?

    tyler durden, is your quote thingy from survivor?
  12. JimmyHofa

    P.J. Ladd

    that shit is so crunk it makes me want to eat stale marshmellow peeps
  13. JimmyHofa

    books and authors

    i think george carlin said it best when he said "how bout nthe gentleman's guide to the golden age of blow jobs?" reading to impress women is a waste of time
  14. JimmyHofa

    Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead!

    i retract my previous statement
  15. JimmyHofa

    books and authors

    sonik i have agreed with most everything you have said, but naysaying sappho just because she was female is like cutting off your dick to spite your sack. plus, she was a lesbian, so it will get you just the right type of girls: the adventurous kind. i would rather be flayed alive than read another pompous self serving hunk of shit by toni morrison that self righteous cunt. the bluest eye should have been called the biggest turd because it was terrible. if you want to picks up chicks in barnes and noble you should be reading zora neale hurston or betty freedan or some shit like that, or anna karanina, dumb bitches seem to like that book. or a philosopher that most people know, like nietsche, or the best is french poetry. although i've never picked up a girl in b+n or anywhere for that matter. conclusion, sappho is good, so don't snooze. i would be interested to hear your reasoning on this one though, other than the female card.
  16. JimmyHofa

    books and authors

    Homer, sappho, the bible, shakespeare, henry james, eliot/joyce. to be read in that order before you read anything else (unless you're sitting on the toilet).
  17. JimmyHofa

    Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead!

    i think you might find that a problem as R and G are dead is a movie. also, Hamlet was not a teenager.
  18. JimmyHofa


    that game was tasty like hot butter drippin over a biscuit
  19. JimmyHofa

    books and authors

    sonik just burnt chozer like gonhorrea. i agree with his statement that sci-fi is bogus and most if those if...then statements especially then one about faulkner. most of the "out there" authors you guys mention only have "being out there" as a virtue, but faulkner was out there, and one of the best novelists in the language. peep henry james, be cause he is the best novelist in the language. and put down lord of the rings
  20. JimmyHofa

    books and authors

    i thought the lonliness of the long distance runner was a song by iron maiden. kurt vonnegut is great for literary merit and entertainment. camus' the plague combines disease and philosophy- totally sweet. trying to read joyce's ulysses right now. really interesting but one of the most difficult books in the english language.
  21. JimmyHofa

    what happened to good graffiti?...

    shit is phat, kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! you can't stop the prophet. united we stand, what up, blahzey blah! run from OGC, get caught by Heltah Skeltah!
  22. htat sigh is like grey meets geso, i like it!
  23. JimmyHofa

    A production sicker than retard warfare...naked.

    that wall got painted over before i could even see it. they took out the bare and the spek and the mono, which is sad because those were the hottest ones. and the aves, which also got taken out. weak. that's a dope wall though...
  24. JimmyHofa

    A production sicker than retard warfare...naked.

    whoa, can someone post it again, i got the red x.
  25. JimmyHofa

    4 men removed from an airplane in detroit.

    seeking, i admit that skeptisism has its place in our society becaus there are definitely things wrong. but like you said, not one was arabic, i doubt anyone thought they were terrorists. and how do you know that the other passengers were white? this is detroit, there are many members of minorities in deteroit. and if you heard this on the news i am surprised that you would trust it. i just heard that the footage of palestinians partying in the streets was taken in 1991. i mean, do your own thing or whatever, i know your image, at least online revolves around be anti american, but during a time of national crisis, somethings that you have said, not even this necessarily, but somethings you have said have come off just down right coldhearted in light of recent events. just some food for thought.