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  1. hmmm, maybe i should read the thread instead of just looking at the people on the poll before i respond, that might be a good idea.
  2. Theres no reason for this bullshit....i like quite a few of those songs too.
  3. George Dubyah, you have an awesome taste in music, 311, deftones and incubus are my 3 favorite bands. And i hate you for being able to see 311. I've seen them twice, but on this tour there not coming to MN, damnit, that pisses me off.
  4. Deftones fucking kick ass, but i'm pissed i didn't see them live cuz tickets were so fucking expensive. And godsmack sucks horribly.
  5. yeah, i feeling the same way, although i'm lucky cuz no friends or family have died lately. RIP Keenan.
  6. HIP HOP: Swollen Members Moka Only Dialated Peoples Mos Def Beatnuts J5 Black Eyed Peas ROCK: Deftones Staind Incubus 311 Tool A Perfect Circle A lil bit of Weezer EVERYTHING ELSE THAT I DON"T FEEL LIKE CATAGORIZING: Sublime Marley Gorillaz that would be all that i can think of off the top of my head
  7. Maybe your like me and have mob. I can flick(mob) kickflips everytime and i can get my backfoot on, but i never get my front foot on. Damn mob.....
  8. There's two compilations from Battle Axe Records, both good, Named Battleaxe Warriors Compilation and Defenders of The Underworld. Can't think of any others at the moment......
  9. Its worked for me everytime i've used it.....
  10. [/b] Definitely!!!!!!! If you have ever seen the questionable video Rodney Mullen does the best tricks, he 540 flips in that movie and now jamie thomas is taking all the credit for that one. Any one who sessions red curbs gets my respect.[/b] I have seen Ronnie Creager Fakie 540 flip 180 body varial, and Creager has also been known to throw down 720 flips. Also i haven't seen Fabrizio Santos' 1 footed crooks, but that kid is so fucking sick, he's been one of my favorite skaters for quite a while now. This is way off topic, but when the Flip video comes out Tom Penny's part is gonna be fucking incredible. He hasen't had any new footage or pictures for a couple years, and his shit was so dope before he left cali, i wouldn't be surprised if his part just blows everyones mind.
  11. Fuck my last post saying Jet Li would win, Brown Twinkie said it perfectly.
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