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  1. "oohhh look were TBK and we post our own pictures on the internet so toys will get on the jock"... hahahahahah
  2. hahahahahaha... im a jelouse hater? fuck your internet fame, going from forum to forum posting you lame ass BITTEN work. its just too bad all these cocksukers on this forum dont realize it. just go to hi fi arts forum, and see what the real writers have to say. of course im mad, all you guys do is bite and recycle and call it you own creation.. and then somehow try to basque in your own glory by showing some toys one the net and telling them how hard your crew is. your crew may fight, but the main factor still stands... your work has already been done by the people who made the style up. you can deny it all you want, but what the fuck do you think people are going to say that know the west coast? nice work? fuck no. people critize for a fucking reason. your shit is ok, its done well, but the style is too fucking similar, and you know damn well what i am talking about.
  3. i dont give a fuck if it was stamped or not. grey would kill those fuckers.
  4. he got busted... really bad. theif isint around anymore. but he isint dead.
  5. aaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha .... thats the dumbest thing i ever heard. now you just sound more like a bitch... and all of you kids are BITING cocksuckers that need internet fame. stop acting so tuff on the internet AND GET YOUR OWN FUCKING STYLE. but i did like how you threw a LTS piece in there even though they hate you. the better the artist the harder the bite.... and you know what dancin whatever... those dudes wont do shit, just ask them to battle in the streets, and, you guessed it! they are too pussy to go bombing... tbk and sor dont kill ANYTHING. hahahahahahahahahahahah...
  6. that reakt is allright, but there is already a reakt on the west coast that KILLS frieghts..
  7. what? who made you ruler of freights?
  8. yea right. cfor has one of the nicest graffiti hands i have ever seen. toy.
  9. those characters are fucking lame. hems sucks and so does the rest of that wack ass cocksucking crew. fuck your "poem" too. fag.
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