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  1. regardless of the piece skills with the names, how can you hate on something that's sending something so positive in the wake of such an attack. come one, show some repsect and keep the ignorant comments off the thread. PEACE
  2. hey satellite email me those chick flix, i got here too late and missed them, oh yeah, dope post, escpicially the ono, steel town reppin.
  3. JEdi KnitE

    Arizona bombs

    some pitt cats gettin up in hot hot AZ. that germs is tight.
  4. LIES motha fucka. 412 killing the steel as always. cant hate on 21 rak or onorok. that DEVER and PEZ are hot.
  5. yea i guess the "king of the burbs" comment wasnt needed, but i just wanted to jock on boston. i didnt like it there much, NYC tainted my views, but i really didnt see much shit in bean tho.
  6. yeah bean town does say "wicked", i was just there and that places blows. the graff scene weak, RI is 1/3 ur size and their shit eats MA alive. I heard the FR8 scene it tight but everything else...weak. I put up in a surrounding town out there and I burnered everything in the town by just getting up. Same with connecticut, they are dope. Wait I mean "wicked" dope. Fuckas
  7. i saw an old navy shirt and the logo was done in graff...it was there that i knew things were way out of hand.
  8. no that TIE isnt bigger, everone knows the SABER LA river piece is the biggest to date. when doesnt saber rock big??
  9. never has there been a more approiate time for a good ole' BUMPITY BUMP
  10. Werd, Onorok is straight up the king from right here in Pittsburgh. Its weird to drive down the road and see his shit let alone on a site like this
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